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  1. Out of interest what did people think of the sound quality in the Manchester Arena?
  2. Great show last night - seemed the guys were on it and enjoying it. At the end you could see Bono saying to Adam "Amazing, amazing, amazing" - they seemed to genuinely have a good time, Lets hope for a few surprises in London on Tuesday - can't wait !
  3. Thanks Thomas - great update, am looking forward to London, This tour seems to have something really special about it - I have seen almost every tour so far, and the latest set lists are amazing (its hard to believe that they can be that good and yet nothing from Joshua Tree !!)
  4. Hope you enjoy Cologne - let me know how the Red Zone experience was, Nick
  5. HI, Am looking forward to the tour moving to Europe later in the year - was lucky to get Red Zone tickets for London (Adam side of the stage) Have never been Red Zone before - can anyone share Experience of the Red Zone form this tour so far? Thanks Nick