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  1. I will be there - happy for it to be just me and the band
  2. Just got Red Zone for Singapore - took 2 mins, website seems to be working well
  3. Will definitely be going - can't decide which to try for, they are all a long way from UK !
  4. Had hoped to hear about plans for a 2019 Tour by now - have just listened to the 2 new downloads and its reminded me of just how good this band is live right now, Experience was such a great tour - I think we need a Zootopians only gig some time soon ? Any rumours on when I need to book flights from the UK to Malaysia or Australia or New Zealand?
  5. Fellow Zootopians - thanks for sharing this Experience, been a pleasure to be with like minded people, Mich40 thanks for hosting
  6. If I hear "sing this with me this is 40 " - I;m gone
  7. Question we are all going to have to face soon - what fills the void left once this tour ends
  8. In some ways feels right that this tour ends in Berlin - as Achtung Baby is so much a part of Experience
  9. I think this may have been asked before apologies - is this the first tour where no one has been on stage with the band (audience or guest) ?
  10. Acrobat and Who's Gonna Ride - just seemed fit so well with the new songs
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