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  1. I will be there - happy for it to be just me and the band
  2. Just got Red Zone for Singapore - took 2 mins, website seems to be working well
  3. Will definitely be going - can't decide which to try for, they are all a long way from UK !
  4. Had hoped to hear about plans for a 2019 Tour by now - have just listened to the 2 new downloads and its reminded me of just how good this band is live right now, Experience was such a great tour - I think we need a Zootopians only gig some time soon ? Any rumours on when I need to book flights from the UK to Malaysia or Australia or New Zealand?
  5. Fellow Zootopians - thanks for sharing this Experience, been a pleasure to be with like minded people, Mich40 thanks for hosting
  6. If I hear "sing this with me this is 40 " - I;m gone
  7. Question we are all going to have to face soon - what fills the void left once this tour ends
  8. In some ways feels right that this tour ends in Berlin - as Achtung Baby is so much a part of Experience
  9. I think this may have been asked before apologies - is this the first tour where no one has been on stage with the band (audience or guest) ?
  10. Acrobat and Who's Gonna Ride - just seemed fit so well with the new songs
  11. I am tempted to go to Berlin - there are tickets on StubHub
  12. Bono's comment earlier "last show in our hometown for god knows how long" ……… Do you think this is the last tour?
  13. this section of the set is going to be extra special in Berlin
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