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  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to attend the London and Dublin GA concert! Can't wait! Just wondering, where is the best area to view the concert? I want to be as near as possible to them, of course. I know they sing some songs on the big stage and some on the small stage, but is there a specific place where they stay more often??? I hope I can meet them this time, face to face. Talk to them, take a picture... That's my dream. The Joshua Tree album was my first one and I've been their listening to them since the 80's.
  2. Thank you! I finally bought them!
  3. It took me 2 hours to buy my tickets. I finally bought from explorer browser and mobile full ticketmaster page.
  4. Hi! Does anyone know if the 4 tickets per person is per city or in general? I mean, can I buy 2 tickets for 3 concerts? Thanks!
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