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  1. I, like many, am so frustrated by ticket pre-sales. In order to even be eligible for a code, because I used my code for the Joshua Tree tour, I had to renew my membership early- which I did prior to the deadline. On the day or pre-sale, I received my code. When I tried to use my code, it wouldn't work at first, then when it did, I got the message there were no tickets available in ANY of the ticket categories at MSG . My job has a "no cell phone" policy, so I was trying to do all of this discretely. I contacted U2 via email, and did not receive a response. Essentially, I renewed my membership early for nothing (I could have waited until it expired in 2018) - and I don't have a ticket to any show. I am a long time U2 subscriber and fan and I'm not sure what to do at this point... sad and disappointed. I did not have any problem with pre-sale tickets for the Innocence tour or JT Tour. Was able to get GA tickets for all shows I went to. (MSG 2015, Boston JT and Meadowlands JT) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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