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  1. I wish people would take a few minutes to read the other posts before posting themselves... I wrote a few days ago saying I was looking for 2 GA tickets for 7/18, and was willing to trade and/or swap my assigned tickets for the same date, but would've also easily bought these two and sold mine here after the fact.
  2. Hi; a friend and I are traveling separately to New York for the Saturday July 18 show and have 2 hard tickets in section 202, but a couple of other friends have purchased General Admission tickets and we'd love to join them. (Also, I caught one of the shows in San Jose from the last row, and would now like to have the up-close experience :-) If you have a couple of GA tickets and would like to trade or sell your tickets, please let me know; we're willing to pay a difference (up to a point!)
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