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  1. Are you really going to read all these stories? Wow! ... Of course I can mention all of U2’s concerts I attended. ... Of course I can vaguely reminisce my first U2 concert in 1982 in ‘t Heem in Hattem. ... Of course there was the infamous concert in 1989 in the RAI in Amsterdam, when Bono apologized for losing his voice and the encore with BB King was cancelled. ... Of course there was the legendary catch up concert for the abovementioned bug, later in 1990 in Ahoy, Rotterdam. ... And of course I can still recall what they did during their latest 360ᵒ tour, which I saw in London. But here’s a real rock and roll story. It was July 1986. I was one of the founders of a local music festival, called Dijkpop (still existing after more than 30 years) and in our third year we dared to take the step from hiring local and regional bands to hiring a nationwide known and at these days successful band, called Vitesse. Vitesse was to be the ultimate icing on the cake for our 1986 festival, but their guitar player Willem van Eijk had crashed the week before during their tour in Germany and died. Nevertheless Vitesse came to play for us and I had an interview about 15 minutes before they went on stage with their drummer / lead singer Herman van Boeyen. I asked him why they didn’t cancel their booking and suggested that it would be very hard for them to perform. “Anyway”, Herman said, “the show must go on. It’s only rock and roll”. I’d never seen an artist crying just before he went on stage and they played a lousy set, but only a couple of years ago when I heard Bono sing “It’s only rock and roll” together with Mick Jagger, it reminded me of this moment … dijkpop 1986.bmp
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