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    Dear All, my name is Lorenzo Pisani, I'm italian.

    This post is important for me and my wife Pamele.. I wrote a book, about my life and what happened to me and Pamela Last January. We lost a child after year that we try to have this dream. Pamele had a spontaneus abortion. After 3 years  have been trying IVF and it's not working finally in november the wonderfull notice. So after the abortion I wrote a book. The name of the book is Like a Song. I found the strength and the stimulus helped by the music, by my unbridled passion for U2.They have accompanied me in these years and still today mark beautiful and ugly moments of my life. It is absolutely not a book that deals with politics or music, it is simply the path that brought me up to here, helped by some musical pieces. It is the story lived by many like me, by many like us, starting from far away, from where it all began. 
    So I ask you, if you want to come to see the presentation. in particular Italian People near Milan. During the evening will play Rejoce a tribute band. For information the sale of books will help charity association in our town. I can send you everything you need. Thanks. Sorry for my bad english. 


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