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    I love playing music, but the big picture for me is to help others in need whatever that circumstance maybe. Of course, third world causes are close and dear to my heart, but there are other issues also. I just find people tend to listen to you more when you are holding a guitar in your hand. True.
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    Beatles, Eddi Reader, KISS, Sinead, Mamas and the Papas. Bob Dylan is hilarious (in a good way) Dylan: I wish I could speak english. Lennon: Me too Bobby, me too.

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  1. I am still at University this semester and as a consequence a poor and pathetic in the process. As soon as I am cashed up I really want to see U2 in concert. I know it will be an amazing experience. I am happy for the fans that are going, I wish I was one of them. When the time is right and it meant to happen, I will be there, until then I am happy to hear about it in here and your experiences. I really hope the Lab Coat features in the concert. I know the guy that set the whole thing up, he is very humble and unassuming. this has been a huge undertaking for this and he would be speechless if he was called on stage, it would freak him out in a good way. It has not been an easy job for him to organise it every step of the way, but he has done this great task in order to demonstrate the great love he has for the band and he certainly would not expect it. He thinks U2 may not even know about it. It is refreshing to see people express their love for U2 in various creative ideas. What a guy. Cheers The Vacant Lot
  2. Nah, it was cola. I am too old for any kind of beer these days. My days of falling down the stairs and getting kicked out of nightclubs are long gone, and thankfully before there was an internet! haha
  3. Here is the labcoat video link. Cheers TheVacantLot
  4. Well it is worth the wait, I have also done a little video. So I hope that is ok, and hope that you like it.
  5. Dear Zootopians, blessed am I, for I am with labcoat. I want to post some pictures taken today as well as some short footage. Hope you guys like it, its for your viewing pleasure. Please show me the link to post these adventures with this blessed relic, before it departs for another far away land. (OMG we had fun). Cheers
  6. Again, re-reading these comments I think it's important that people DO care about the music and are interested in what is coming. I am not belittling that process. I also think that other work that is done aside from the music is important too. Most importantly the whole process should be fun and enjoyable.
  7. Oh my God, reading this thread is like pressure pressure pressure. Here's the deal, all artists have self doubts, critics and people who undermine and don't believe what they are trying to do or produce, in any of the arts. I just recently saw a new documentary on John Lennon and he had not produced an album in 5 years because he was busy raising Sean. He saw that as more important, some would say it isn't, I agree with John Lennon it is more important. That is what that song 'Watching the Wheels' song was about. Those who thought he should have been 'in the scene man'. John Lennon kept the creation of the album 'Double Fantasy' top secret because he himself had self doubts and didn't know whether he still had it. He didn't want that negativity around him. I say, do what you want to do, say what you want to say and fuck what people think.
  8. Yes well, it's all fun and games until someone loses a planet, isn't it? It's tricky here in Australia as we have just taken a step backwards with the current wacky crew running the show down here. We have climate deniers and drastic cuts to help those in the third world needing aid and desperately relying on it for survival. Asylum seekers are treated like subhumans and denied refuge even if they are legitimate. There is a current culture of secrecy here, which makes these causes difficult to advocate for. It's quite evil. The only thing I can say from my point of view is that my input is very limited in what I can do. I am always here to help in whatever capacity is needed and in whatever I can offer. It is very frustrating when you see injustices and there is nothing you can do to help and at the same time there are others in positions of power who refuse to do anything. All they care about is themselves and their oversized egos. It's bizarre. I 100% support what you are doing, and if ever you are in need of someone with cheap one liners, give me a call. Cheers
  9. Who cares? As long as you are doing what you love to do it doesn't matter if the world thinks you are hot shit or rubbish! Do what you love doing! If others can celebrate that and benefit well and good..........but all that other stuff is just ego and ridiculous.
  10. Thank you very much Alma. You know how to catch me, not that hard. I'm around. Just wanted to add to my other post, that in 1988 when U2 won a heap of grammy's, I remember when they talked about 'it's hard to receive this award when Nelson Mandela is in prison'. It was a powerful global impacting moment, for music, apartheid and Mr Mandela. I know stuff was already happening behind the scenes, but it really 'upped the antee' in terms of awareness for ordinary folk such as myself. This in turn placed increased pressure to free Mandela and everything after that happened after that.
  11. Just want to say, awesome acceptance speech from all the boys. It was very heartfelt and touching. It was like........yeh! Slamdunk! That's what I am talking about right there! You got it. The award was a sign of something else, something very beautiful and something very special. I get it. Keep being you, because what ever you are doing, you are doing it right. Thanks for making the world a better place.
  12. I think Bono's humanitarian work is the most important work he has done in his life. I am proud and grateful for him and the work he is doing. He has taken his position and used it for the greater good to assist those who are the most vulnerable on the planet. If I was in that position I would do the same thing. It's about having a heart for the poor and helping them as much as you can, in whatever capacity you can. This is clearly his higher calling. He has been blessed with a brilliant career and is able to use that blessing to bless others. Who knows how many lives have been impacted by his contribution to all these projects and activities he has participated in. It grieves me when I see so many celebrities that are so ego driven, just wanting to get their picture taken on the red carpet etc. I think that Bono has humbled himself and has given of himself and who knows in what other capacities he has given too. I am glad Bono is alive in my lifetime and that he is here doing the right thing. God bless him and his work. It's important and it's relevant.
  13. Congratulations! Doesn't he look happy? They are a gorgeous couple. God bless them.
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