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  1. What a cool tat! ❤️❤️❤️
  2. It's amazing that due to the length of their career, we all have different albums that define our love of the music. My bf is in his early 50s and remembers listening to War over and over on his very awesome Sony Walkman. Some co-workers have told me JT defined thier college years unlike any other music of the time. I saw bits on FB a while back from be fan in thier 20s who lived in NJ and ATYCLB was the album that got them through 2001 with clarity. AB was it for me... I remember being a impressionable tween and U2 being part of the media blitz that took me from innocent to experience, so to speak. ?All I wanted was to see Zoo TV. Their were some riots going on in LA and I was outraged that police officers were allowed to beat a black man without consequence. JFK, the Oliver Stone film had just come out. In retrospect, the film is outrageous but at the time, I was dumbstruck that our own government could even be implicated in such things. Everything was not as it should be. Then there is Bono confirming that everything I know is a lie. It was perfectly leading up to a new US president who I was certain would make everything better. He didn't. Zooropa followed and I just discovered foriegn films and Portishead and anime. It all fit perfectly. I was hooked. ❤️❤️ I didn't make it to see Zoo TV but my first show was PopMart. It was amazing and I have not missed a show that's come around to CA since. ??
  3. I'm not new ..I've been bouncing around these boards since WAY back in the early aughts. I've sworn off all traditional social media of late...so here I am...crawling back to this place. That makes it sounds worse than it is. Really. ? I'm so excited about this tour... I think there is so much potential for an amazing bunch of shows...geared to us with the experience under our belts. ?? I will checking it out both nights in San Jose...it's coming up quick!
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    Old images I have dug out of inside my computer.
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    From the album: shooboxx

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    From the album: shooboxx

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