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    Chicago Blackhawks.
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    Pop..maybe Achtung. ..Boy..
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    3/1985..Unforgettable Fire
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    Chicago 6/3, 6/4, 2017..Joshua
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    Loved all..but most memorable tossup between ZOOTV and Elevation.
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    Cage the Elephant, REM..anything that soothes my soul & lifts my spirits!

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  1. Please, please..Heading to Belfast. First time to SSE & looking for info on GA line..


    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      too early for it... but keep combing the board and fan social media (twitter and facebook). When there is more information, you will find it there...

    2. Martinmc


      Regardless of what time you turn up to SSE Arena you will get very close to stage. It’s the smallest venue on the tour. 

      Dont waste time in Q, go and enjoy Belfast. Venue is 10 minute walk from City Centre.

    3. Wendy617


      Good to know .. Thanks!

  2. Ticket available  for 5/22 Chicago show.

    Section 119, Row 18, seat 1

    Face value.,.$106

  3. Ticket available  for 5/22 Chicago show.

    Section 129m Row 18, seat 1

    Face value.,.$106

  4. Hey Fellow Fans! Just a little curious...we're driving in for Saturday's show. What's the GA policy In St. Louis? Chicago started lining up at 6 AM the day of show! Vancouver was a nightmare..etc Any advice is truly appreciated. Thanks!
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