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  1. I don't know if you're willing to sell them individually, I only need one. I messaged you!
  2. Hey Kaylin, Seeing that there aren't any GAs available on ticketmaster at the moment, it's best to check a day or two before the show, and even the morning of the show if there is a ticket drop. Also worth looking at fan forums, like on U2start or at U2FansTour to see if fellow fans have spares. Good luck! Joe Thank you Joe! I will for sure keep an eye on those sites.
  3. My baby brother (18 years old, but still...) suddenly wants to come with big sister and mom to Dallas to see U2. Two months after I bought tickets. We are ecstatic that he is showing interest, and so are hoping for a miracle so he can experience it with us. If anyone has a spare GA ticket please let me know!!! As well as paying for the ticket, there's a daiquiri from New Orleans, LA in the deal for anyone who is interested...
  4. I'm not sure how to sell GA tickets, but if you find out how I'm interested in buying it!
  5. The bottom video is me!! Thank you so much for posting this!!
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