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  1. DeirdreBell

    Red Zone 2018

    I’m trying the red zone for the first time, because I couldn’t get GA for Newark and I’d rather the money go to charity than buy a GA off a scalper. But I’m sure I’m just going to want to join the general GA area. Does anyone know what time the red zone ticket holders are allowed into the arena, compared to the GA line? Can red zone peeps do the regular GA line? I know that kind of defeats the purpose. Just trying to make a plan.
  2. DeirdreBell

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    Oh! Thanks! I could never see it posted and thought it didn't go through.
  3. DeirdreBell

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    I keep trying to post this where it says "submit your reviews here" but it never works. So I'm just gonna put this here. You've all probably seen the show on youtube by now. I think I'm finally recovered from Monday night's high. Looking forward to the MSG shows! ________________________________________________________________ I’m on the train back to Jersey after the Apollo show. Speechless. Drained. Happy and sweaty. Did that all really just happen? I was too busy jumping up and down to take pictures so here’s a vivid description. So many ecstatic people packed in. The Apollo is even smaller than I thought. Stage is right there. Mic and drums await. They put The Stump on stage briefly. (Google it.) Suddenly Larry’s just there, like you’re out seeing your friend’s band. No announcement. No elaborate plan. The band takes the stage and grab their instruments like it’s 1980 and they’re not the biggest tock band in the world. Then they light up I Will Follow and of course they are. Then holy shit - Electric Co. people are bouncing off the walls. I forgot to mention they took the seats out of the orchestra section of the Apollo (have they ever done that?) so it’s regular GA and the floor is bouncing more than my decrepit off-campus house on college, during a kegger, blasting Fishbone. You seriously had to time your pogo with everyone else or some weird, reverse bounce force would mess with your trajectory. And it’s so hot. The band tears into Out Of Control as if it’s commentary. Bono is throwing water on everybody which is good because it’s even hotter. Edge looks like he’s trying to stop his guitar from flying away like a quidditch broom. Okay, I’m thinking, they’re reviving us up for the start, now it’s gonna plateau. Nope. Red Flag Day! OMG. Today we can’t afford to be afraid of what we fear. Like the floor collapsing. At some point in all this Bono announced its a punk rock show. Yeah. We noticed. Beforehand I was on the lookout for risers (which would mean a choir) or a piano (which might mean October or something) But after All Because of You leads to Vertigo which leads to Elevation it’s clear the boys are just aiming to burn this place down, floorboards be damned. Beautiful Day gives a bit of a breather. (Yeah, I know that’s not a downtempo song but that’s how up everything’s been.) Bono is trying to crawl off a floor monitor into the crowd. There’s not the usual DMZ separating the stage. There’s a lot of hand grabbing going on. Bono ends it with an almost tantric breathing exercise. Is Edge gonna have to put him back in is body later? The Edge is emitting some particularly Unforgettable Fire-like sounds while Bono is searching for more water, because did I mention it’s hot like Hotlanta in here? Then it’s Pride, with a spoken tribute to MLK here on Martin Luther King Blvd. is this where he name checks black poets who’ve graced this stage? James Brown. Aretha Franklin. Billie Holiday. Is this where he calls out Harry Belefonte in the audience? Not sure, but it all happened. I’ve never thought of this as a rowdy song, but with all the fist raising and HEY! chants I feel like someone might add Ole ole ole. Get Out of Your Own Way bounces through. There’s a bit of a bobble in the hand off to American Soul, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a megaphone. Bono’s back to trying to nearly stand on people. Who steadies him when he jumps back on the monitor? Is he gonna fall? He’s got his feet back under him and you and I are rock n roll. Don’t shoot! “Thanks! Goodnight!” What? It’s been so ridiculously hot and unrelentingly intense you could almost forgive them, but is it really over? Nope. Crowd’s chanting. House lights stay down. After a quick break the boys are back. They gotta play Angel of Harlem, right? Bono can’t recall exactly when they played it here last for Rattle and Hum but the guy next to me does (“88!”) Edge starts strumming the intro and I suddenly feel like I’m shrinking. Am I gonna faint? No - it’s just the scrim behind the stage rising up like a curtain. (The one that says “Nothing to stop this being the best day ever” Ya think?) Are they going to project something? No, there are feet. And horns. There’s a wall of horns. And not just any horns…it’s the Sun Ra Arkestra horn section! What????? (I didn’t know Sex Mob but I’m gonna check em out.) The inevitable and expected song has become the surprise of the evening. Hats off. Amazing. Desire sounds like it’s been reformulated in a baritone sax blender. Funky stings. Steaming solos. Bo Diddley beat. The fever gets higher. Love Comes to Town rolls through like a slow train. But after, the locomotive grinds to a steaming halt and Bono’s serious. It’s been a terrible and unsettling string of days leading up to this party, especially in New York. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were both New Yorkers who seemed to have everything, and yet there was the date of death swiftly entered already on their Wikipedia pages. I thought it was going to be One Tree Hill but of course Stuck in a Moment is the perfect song to play. And Goodnight. It really seemed over this time. Hopefully stomping, gradually encouraged by a lack of house lights and some scurrying techs. Then just Bono and Edge are back out. Hadn’t noticed the piano, and we get the beautiful stripped down Every Breaking Wave. Good thing it’s not Amateur Night because Bono forgets the words. Guy behind me is laughing way too loud about it and I tell him to shush it. Bono laughs at himself and they start over. I imagine he’s thinking of all the legends who’ve belted it out right there before him - Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye. It’s his turn in the spotlight centerstage. He regroups and nails it. Full band is back and as if we couldn’t get any luckier it’s Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. And we know it’s really the end with the tour closer Love is Bigger, and it’s just one big sing a-longing, arms a-swaying love fest. When the instruments drop out and it’s just the audience singing, the band members look out at that jewel box of a theater with faces you can clearly read - remember this. Everyone files out to find cars or trains or the complimentary buses back home. Man, I wish I got to ride on the open top deck of the double-decker, down 5th Ave, along the whole length of Central Park. We passed the Met all lit up and it was magical. But here’s the real magic trick of the night - have you noticed? They didn’t play Sunday Bloody Sunday and nobody has even mentioned it. Didn’t even occur to me until the next day. Didn’t miss it. What a crazy, beautiful, full-tilt show. And yes, it all really happened. Thank you U2! Thank you Sirius XM! (note: Finished this up the next day. Also, sorry if it’s Bono centric, but he was my main sightline.) Here's some Ra for Ya!
  4. DeirdreBell

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    I think you guys are my favorite couple now. THAT’s how you do date night!
  5. DeirdreBell

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    On the Sirius XM blog it says the show will air on Wednesday, June 13 at 5pm ET. On the U2 channel. I wonder why they’re not doing it live?
  6. I’m wondering if they’re practicing some songs for the Apollo gig and as a result adding them to the set list. My other prayer for a song is Hawkmoon 269, but that’s way less likely.
  7. DeirdreBell

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    Great! I’m coming straight from work so pre-show might not happen but post show would be amazing. Don’t think I’ll be able to sleep anyway!
  8. YES! ELECTRIC CO!!! So hoping this stays in the set.
  9. Say, “I’ve discovered a time machine that will take me back in time to see the Beatles at Shea Stadium.” And then say “just kidding, but it’s the 2018 equivalent.” Then give everyone a Bucket List Voucher for a day off for life-fulfilling purposes.
  10. This was just the general, if you’re an XM subscriber, you might get an email inviting you to attend. And I did! I got the email Thursday and had been obsessively monitoring my in boxes. They know which channels I listen to so maybe that helped?
  11. I got the golden ticket through the Sirius XM random drawing!!! I'm still in total shock!!! I must have re-read the email 100 times to make sure it was real. I'm so glad they're opening it up to the fan club too. It's the right thing to do. I'm taking my sister. We've both been going to U2 shows since the Unforgettable Fire tour, but somehow we've never sat together. (She always managed to get better seats than me!) Practicing Angel of Harlem on the guitar, cuz you never know!!! Fingers crossed for everyone in the contest!
  12. I still can't tell if this "Thank you!" email is regarding the contest to win tickets and a trip, or to just get into the show. Any info? Guess it doesn't matter. I'll either get one or I won't. Adam just said some amazing stuff in a Rolling Stone interview about what they're planning for the Apollo. The Edge has "radical ideas" about the set list!!! Cannot wait, even if it's just to listen on the radio. What's the Apollo Theater show going to be like? That's going to be real old school. We're trying to look at songs we can do in a stripped-down production and musical setting. I think that'll be a real proper old-school theater show and I'm looking forward to it. So the set list will be very different than what you're doing now? Edge has got some radical ideas. We haven't resolved all of them, but yeah it will be. It'll be a different set.
  13. I'm sure this is just one of those coincidences, but when I read this NY Times article about this 1981 massacre in El Salvador something jumped right out of the photo at me. Do you see it? It's a photo of the memorial to the victims of the El Mozote massacre, where 1,000 men, women and children were slaughtered by US backed Salvadoran troops. Do the cut out figures holding hands look a whole lot like the cover of Songs of Experience? I am not saying it's intentional at all. Just one of those crazy coincidences, especially considering U2's commentary on El Salvador, Bullet the Blue Sky, Mother's of the Disappeared, etc. Possibly the hand holding duo is just etched in my brain from logging on here all the time. But I'll take it as an opportunity and run with it - to remember the victims, learn about the history, and remind complainers that U2's political voice didn't start with Trump. BTBS is about US involvement in these massacres. (The man with the face "red like a rose on a thorn bush" is Reagan, for you young 'uns who might not recall Ronnie's rosy cheeks.) The Salvadoran military unit at El Mozote was US trained, armed and advised, and we possibly provided air reconnaissance. I'm no expert. Just reading about it with renewed interest this morning. The El Salvadoran generals called their scorched-earth tactics of killing whole villages "draining the sea" and "drying up the ocean." The Salvadoran perpetrators are just now being brought to trial for war crimes, 30 years later. Two state officials had to be retrieved from Miami where they had been living after Bush I granted them asylum. The accounts of the massacre, contained in the article, are horrific. "They killed the children last, firing a barrage of bullets into the convent and then setting it aflame." We hear their heartbeats. .
  14. DeirdreBell

    Los Angeles Live Thread #U2eiTour

    The KKK on the screen are actual Trump supporting KKK members. That doesn’t imply that all Trump supporters are KKK, but you should certainly pause for a deep think about why the man you put in office refused to denounce Nazis and the Klan in Charlottesville. I don’t think you realize how over the line that was. Bono also said “There is no them, there’s only us.” Racism and violence is part of us as Americans and as humans and rather than complain about musicians bringing it up, it would be better to do think about it, examine it and do something about it.