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  1. 'Augment Your Reality'

    It’s always a struggle to put the self phone away and be present at the show (Actual Reality!) but it sounds like they’re limiting it to the intro and 1st song. So...I guess I’ll take my phone out just a little bit. Of course I didn’t see the email till I left for work so no album handy to try the app. Might hunt down a record store at lunch!
  2. Yes. Nick Cave is 60, still putting out his best work and touring. And by touring I mean breaking your heart, rearranging your brain and stepping on your shoulders. He's incredible.
  3. What's Your Be Attitude?

    What kind of verification did you receive? Was it an email? Or just after you hit SUBMIT, it told you it went thru? Now I'm worried I messed up.
  4. Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    I think it's actually just a half step above the high note in Sunday Bloody Sunday. It's the emotion that's probably hard to hit. My husband used to sing in a rock band and he was told by a voice teacher that he was screaming all wrong. Ha ha.
  5. Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    If we're talking rarities - Hawkmoon 269 Surrender Indian Summer Sky Love is Blindness Every Breaking Wave (but with the full band) Numb Gloria And I always want to hear Bad, but I just got that treat on the JT tour. ; )
  6. u2 song of the day

    HAWKMOON 269! I had forgotten all about this song and now I'm downright obsessed. Only been played 8 times in concert! Probably because it's a screamer. But on Rattle and Hum, when the choir comes in...oh man... My request for a rarity.
  7. What's Your Be Attitude?

    Blessed are the Cars, for the good times will roll.
  8. What's Your Be Attitude?

    While I do think sarcasm is valid social commentary, I guess a better word would be mocking. I think Kendrick Lamar is mocking a society that lives by these empty tenets - blessed are the arrogant (who revel in their own company), the superstars (who belittle us), the filthy rich (who give away their pain to us all), the liars (who never have to face the truth). They're not even the opposite of the beatitudes, where evil people would be punished. It's more like a perversion of them. Which is a lot like what living in Trump's America feels like to me. All departments are praised for perverting their purpose. (But now I'm getting political.) When i said "real ones" I meant citing people you really do feel are blessed (such as mothers, teachers, the Dreamers...) and why. Sounds like the U2 team is welcoming any and all. Maybe they'll transition from mocking to real praise? Who knows. Judging from the picture I'm guessing they're going to write them on the big screen sort of like the sayings during the intermission last time. If I actually hear myself I will FLIP OUT.
  9. What's Your Be Attitude?

    I was able to get it to work (on a mac) by doing this - at the bottom of the form where it says "Upload your audio file here", click OPEN... Then in the window that pops up click the OPTIONS button in the lower left. A drop down menu should appear on the bottom in the middle. Switch it from Custom Files, to All Files. Once I did that, then my MP3's that had been greyed out were selectable.
  10. What's Your Be Attitude?

    This seems much simpler. I just don't get if they want sarcastic ones like on the album or real ones. Probably doesn't matter.
  11. What's Your Be Attitude?

    So cool!
  12. Meet and Greet

    I"m really glad they don't do this. It just seems dehumanizing to all involved. Charity things are okay though.
  13. Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in that rehearsal room!
  14. Ha ha ha ha!!! Thank you!!!
  15. As a part-time New Yorker this has been driving me crazy all week. It's Madison Square Garden. No plural! There is only one Garden! The Garden! (Sorry. Rant over. Can't wait for the shows.)