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  1. abluerwhite

    The Action Thread Part Two

    I have a master's degree in Nonprofit Management and am trying to start up my own organization to help tackle the rising crisis of student debt. With that being said, I regularly access websites such as GuideStar and charity navigator (very useful for those wishing to get involved with organizations but don't know their credibility) among others. I just wanted to drop this infographic here to show how much of a difference advocacy and donating to causes can make - and has made in 2018 alone. This is just for the U.S.
  2. abluerwhite

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    so this is the first year since the 360 tour where my subscription is due to expire, as I've always had it paid up for at least two years in advance 🤣 is there a deadline we need to renew by, or is the subscriber gift good up until the day the paid subscription expires?
  3. abluerwhite

    U2 dreams

    Last night I had a dream Adam was hiding in a bush by my front door and wouldn't come out, trying to pretend like I didn't know he was there.
  4. abluerwhite

    Any GA tickets today?

    I got nothing. The app and website both took almost a minute to get me in to the ticket page, and of course by then what little that was available was gone. Tried for half an hour after that to get one GA ticket. Still searching for one.
  5. I’ve been scouring the web and researching information on how to try and catch a glimpse (and maybe a picture and/or autograph) of the band when they come in for sound check before the concert starts. I’ve got tickets to the show in San Jose at the SAP Center this coming May (2018). I would love any tips or advice of what to do and where to go to try and catch them entering the arena for sound check. I’ve loved them since I was a little girl and this would seriously be a dream come true to meet them! Thanks in advance for any help! 

  6. abluerwhite

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    well general sale is going to be an absolute nightmare
  7. abluerwhite

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I would have been okay with a lottery if they were up front about it, and treated the lottery like they're treating the general sale - you sign up for the shows you want and may/may not get a code for any or all of them. I'm not okay with muddling words around and treating it like everyone who jumped through the (expensive for some people) hoops would get a crack at presale.
  8. abluerwhite

    Ticket purchase limits

    Scenario: I want to get 2 tickets in the presale, for two separate shows (Chicago & NY), and then I wanted to get one in the general sale for Nashville, assuming I get a code for it. I have accumulated 3 tickets across 3 shows. Now my husband and I are traveling later in the summer to Britain to visit family, and if they happen to be playing while we are there, I would maybe want to get 2 tickets to London or wherever they choose to play if we can work it out. This would technically be 5 tickets between the presale (2) and general sales (3). Is this exceeding the total ticket limit or am I within the rules?
  9. abluerwhite

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Similar to moneypenny's post, does anyone know how many total tickets we are allowed for this tour (presales + general sale combined)?
  10. abluerwhite

    Are the GAs in Detroit hard tickets?

    Yes they are!
  11. abluerwhite


    The day before the show sometimes they stop before/after soundcheck to greet people. The day of the show sometimes they stop when they arrive at the venue. Neither is guaranteed but this is typically how people meet them on tour. Your best bet is to figure out roughly what time they tend to arrive and get there a few hours before hand to get a spot where you'll be able to physically talk to/shake hands with them. They never stop for too long though and can't get to every single person unfortunately.
  12. abluerwhite

    GA tips/advice (especially given no inner circle/pit)?

    I think a lot of people don't realize how absolutely massive the entire stage is, and thus how much physical rail space there is for this tour. While it's never guaranteed because there are definitely variables like you said (card issues, GA line procedures, etc.) that could create problems or snags, showing up the day of can still get you a pretty good spot. If people want to show up two days before the show to get a good number to feel better, that's on them but for this tour in particular it doesn't seem you need to do that to get a good chance of finding a decent spot (unless of course you're going after one very particular spot in the crowd/on the rail) anywhere on the floor. There are certain spots that tend to fill up the fastest (like in front of Bono's mic) but nothing is set in stone.
  13. abluerwhite

    Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    Honestly I don't think there's one good way to do it. Security just doesn't want people congregating on premises, that's their primary concern. I've seen them claim they're not going to allow any early lining up and then at X time in the morning they wristband the line first because it's organized. Fans who run the line work with security, try to help out security, and have been thanked by security for being organized. Both the lottery system and current system are good in theory. The line prevents people rushing the venue at the time security says people can line up. Say someone shows up right at 6 AM wristbanding and a couple people who got there after them manage to get in front of them. Do you think they're going to be okay with that? Multiply that by potentially hundreds of people all claiming they were there first or there before someone else and you've got people yelling and pushing. The line provides proof of time and order and has things organized early so that by the time security does wristbanding, everyone's already lined up in order. I've seen this happen. With the lottery system, yes it will potentially prevent early, or extremely early queuing. It will help make things more fair for people who can't take 2+ days off work. But it's also going to negatively impact many people. The lottery system works until you're behind twenty people who won't stop putting their cameras/phones/signs in the air and you spent $100+ on a ticket just to look at the back of a piece of paper or see the band through someone's phone and all of a sudden lottery isn't working for you. And for a lot of people they're attending their first show, their first time doing GA or can only afford to go see one show, and really want to have an amazing experience including being up front but the lottery system could rip that away from them. Or people with children who really want to be at rail so they don't have to worry about people pushing their kids, their kids getting tired or so their kids can see. There are pros and cons to both systems, there is fairness and unfairness to both systems. I personally think the best system is having someone from security, band or venue, starting the line and dictating when and where to be. Some think things are good the way they are, and some think the lottery system is the best way to go.
  14. Hey all, I'm looking for a single GA ticket for the second show on the 29th. I would like to queue as early as possible. Please message me if you have an extra! (:
  15. abluerwhite

    Ford Field "Convenience Fee"

    I paused for a minute when checking out and I saw that the fees were $5 away from being half the price of my single GA ticket. Now I can understand $5-$10 total in fees but half the price of the ticket? How do they justify this?