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  1. Looking at the running time it seems that they will start the dvd from the very beginning of the intro with the zootiful world mix going into the Chaplin speech which is great made for a really intense opening to the show. Looks like absolutely nothing will be cut.
  2. Well I wouldn’t be selling my gifts so I couldn’t be violating there terms and if I decided to buy it without having a membership there is literally nothing u2.com can do about it. I’ve got my 2019 gift already, hopefully going forward I continue to receive the gifts not long after they’ve shipped but if I still hadn’t received a gift 8 or 9 months after they claimed they would start shipping (in the spring was the initial comment) and was receiving poor or no communication back I would be asking for a refund and seeing if I could get it for a sensible price elsewhere. U2.com can’t hold subscribers to certain standards about reselling things when they can’t meet the correct standards themselves.
  3. No member will be found violating it though it’s too difficult to prove so really they’re not in any position to enforce this. Someone has paid for the subscription gift so they can do what they want with it. There’s sellers on eBay and discogs who do things far more professionally than u2.com. The solution is u2.com should do a better job of it and people wouldn’t even consider buying of these sites if they knew they were going to be able to pay the cost of subscription and receive it promptly with good communication. For the record I never have sold a fanclub gift myself and I’ve never bought one elsewhere but if I was kept waiting as long as some people have I might be tempted so let’s not start criticising people who do look elsewhere when u2.com can’t do things properly.
  4. That’s a load of nonsense, if someone orders an item that was supposed to start shipping in the spring last year and still hasn’t received it you can’t blame them for looking elsewhere. Personally I wouldn’t pay more than the cost of subscription but with the lack of membership benefits in a non tour year people are just as well asking for a refund and buying of eBay, the customer service level is a disgrace and u2.com don’t deserve any sympathy losing subscribers to people that are happy to buy the product elsewhere. If someone wants to sell there fan club gift on eBay that isn’t wrong anyway they’ve paid for the item as part of the membership so that’s there right whether u2.com want you to or not. Shouldn’t be charging too much but it’s there item so they can sell it.
  5. That’s annoying Eoin, just thought it was worth a try because I’ve been signed out before without realising, think it does it automatically after so long. Hope someone gets back to you from the u2.com team soon, seems to be a common theme lately that people’s issues are being ignored. I know a few people that have asked about the 2019 gift they still haven’t received and haven’t had a response as you will probably read around the threads as well. I think they’re waiting to see how many 2020 subscribers are going to chose the $75 option which comes with the 2019 gift and then they can produce them at once which is probably a cost saving tactic but not really acceptable for people who have waited this long. Anyway sorry to go off on a tangent hope you get your issue sorted soon.
  6. Are you logged in when trying to renew?
  7. The $75 option is this years gift which is the dvd and last years gift which is the cd set with the downloads of the songs in that cd set. The Berlin show isn’t available for download. The $40 option is just this years gift.
  8. The $75 package is just last years gift and this years gift.
  9. The 2018 version in general was worse imo. They shortened the first chorus and moved the ‘something in your eyes’ bit to the end instead of as pre chorus. Maybe they felt they had improved the song with the changes but not for me. At least we have the Paris 2015 version as a good quality alternative.
  10. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced the show won’t be released in any other physical format and they’ll skip straight to a 4k digital only release commercially. This would be ideal because for those of us that opt for a physical item we would be getting an exclusive item and the most popular physical format as DVD’s still outsell blu Ray or 4K and for people that prefer to focus on quality they will get the very best with the digital release. There isn’t any need to release it in blu Ray as it is neither the number 1 selling physical format nor is it the best quality format and 4K DVD’s sell quite badly so they don’t need to release it physically in that format.
  11. The reason I want it to be exclusive is so that I’m getting some sort of value for money. At £30 for a limited release it’s easier to stomach than if it then gets released for £15 in blu Ray commercially meaning I will have paid more for less quality. It’s principle as much as anything. Whilst blu Ray would be better I can accept dvd in the exclusive circumstances after all it was good enough for zoo tv, Popmart, elevation and vertigo tour to only be released as DVD’s and I enjoy all of them.
  12. How good a gift this is or isn’t will really depend on if it gets a physical release to the general public or not. To renew it cost me around £30. If the show is only going to be released for subscribers or at the very least the physical format is released only for subscribers then I think it’s a good gift. However if they decide to release it publicly on Blu Ray at a cost of usually around £15 then someone who isn’t a subscriber will be getting a better format of the show for half the amount I paid. So as I said it all depends on how exclusive this is to us.
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