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  1. I don't need a ticket any more. Thank you for the replies.
  2. I am also after a ticket for 30th , just a single . Virginprune , if yours is miraculously still available I am seriously interested. If not , they I would look into Shazwah's if still available.
  3. By the way , the audio quality of Rosa A's uploads are my go to place for a fix of the I&E tour , mainly Vancouver but also some Phoenix tracks. It's a cut well above the rest. A lot of video on the tube looks great , but sounds awful to the point of unbearable due to poor quality smartphone microphones. This chaps efforts I am most grateful for however.
  4. Yes Mike7man, I believe the suspended speakers where meant to improve sound further away from the stage. Well you have confirmed that they were not indigenous to only the Vancouver show. Anyone know if these suspended speakers have been used at any European shows at all ? I know they weren't used in Amsterdam.
  5. Hi ! Has anyone who's been to a European I&E show, been to a USA I&E show previously ? I was wondering how they compared. A review of a North American show was in Rolling Stone magazine and commented it's worth noting that the group's innovative new sound system utilizes a series of speakers hung from the ceiling spread evenly throughout the venue and sounded absolutely amazing. I went to the Amsterdam show on 12th September and saw no sign of these evenly spread suspended speakers. I also came away a little disappointed as I felt a little short changed on sound quality that I had expected. Can anyone who went to other N American shows and even European shows comment on the absence or presence of these speakers ? I'm sure the Rolling Stone article had an image on the ceiling showing the suspended speakers but I don't see it now. Maybe European health and safety regulations do not permit modifications to venue PA loudspeaker systems so these suspended speakers are not allowed. Or maybe these were only in Vancouver and were indigenous to the amenities of that venue only and not the set gear. Would like to hear views on this.
  6. Hi, I received the vinyl album. It is still in the shipping sleeve and has not been opened. I have decided I would rather have the book option. Is anyone willing to trade ?
  7. I have downloaded them but I can't drag them into iTunes on my PC.
  8. I'm getting my first turntable specially for this baby. It's a used Technics SL-7 which I should receive in a few days and is returnable.
  9. Woot ? I'm waiting for mine in the UK and won't be back for a few days. Hope it doesn't rain ! I haven't had my dispatch email yet , but I think some have received their LP without notification.
  10. Yes I think we should be given CD copies as a good will gesture pending the vinyl.
  11. The download for 11 o'clock tick tick is the best version I have ever heard. I have a couple of live versions from the iTunes Complete U2 collection , this one is the best and the audio quality is surpringly good , better than the former for what it's worth , it is 320 Kbps. Must say I wish there was a CD version of the whole show they could send out as well as vinyl or at least to keep us happy in the meantime.
  12. This will be my only reason for getting a turntable so I certainly hope not ! So which turntables do people have ? I am thinking of getting the obsolete Technics SL-7.
  13. Thanks for the heads up , finally something truly official. Let's hope it's accurate.
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