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  1. Shannon's' back in the zoo ! hope you're good ! ?
  2. The screen is epic. just so you know.
  3. Be awesome to see this show in Australia & New Zealand. Help us out & add your name to the petition ? https://www.change.org/p/live-nation-and-u2-u2-tour-of-australia
  4. The Stadium has free wifi ???
  5. I've never left ! I'm here all the time ?
  6. So. whats the name of the song just before U2 come onstage ?
  7. I agree with Jason; Your head moves around so much, that anything you record will be difficult to watch. When we are moving around in real life our eyes/inner ears/brain work together so we don't even realise how much our head moves. And a GoPro had such a wide angle that unless you're on the stage; most of what you record will be very small
  8. Whats the name of the song right before U2 come on ?