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  1. I’m not one to brag. my next show is U2. 😊
  2. Happy birthday Mr The Edge. It’s been a while since we caught up in Montreal on 360 tour. See you in Sydney again soon 😊
  3. I can be a bit cheeky, sometimes 😁
  4. Sorry about this, you’ve fallen into a bit of a trap πŸ˜‹ During the Vertigo Tour there were many, many, many threads started (and even a sticky thread !) after shows asking what was the name of the song just before U2 come on stage. Our moderators showed great patience...explaining that it was the great Wake Up by Arcade Fire 😊
  5. Also: Whats the the song played just before U2 come onstage πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ ?
  6. You never know; Bono might shout us too
  7. Now that the pre-sales are (mostly) over, I thought it was high time to give a place to show our appreciation to our moderators. They volunteer their time to help us out, often at crazy times of the night. So to @Max Tsukino, @mich40& @bigwave a huge thanks for all your work helping us during the presales (when we were stressed !) We all owe you a drink when we see you 😊 See you on the road or here in zootopia during the tour soon
  8. Gordon Bennett ! It doesn’t look like it went too well..
  9. Sydney 2 tickets sorted. Best presale ever, smooth sailing each time !
  10. Same x 1 million. It’s the hanging about all day with people of a similar mindset (U2 fans after all, are the best 😊) then enjoying the show together that make it awesome
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