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  1. Good night and thank you for this :
  2. u2 song of the day

  3. Not released in album

  4. the real is to dream it all again
  5. u2 song of the day

  6. u2 song of the day

    Beautiful day
  7. Not released in album

  8. wow good to know, now I look for a periscope to listen to! It seems to ,me it has been a night to remember like every U2 concert.
  9. Not released in album

  10. Growing old by Rainer Maria Rilke In some summers there is so much fruit,the peasants decide not to reap any more.Not having reaped you, oh my days,my nights, have I let the slow flamesof your lovely produce fall into ashes?My nights, my days, you have borne so much!All your branches have retained the gestureof that long labor you are rising from:my days, my nights. Oh my rustic friends!I look for what was so good for you.Oh my lovely, half-dead trees,could some equal sweetness stillstroke your leaves, open your calyx?Ah, no more fruit! But one last timebloom in fruitless blossomingwithout planning, without reckoning,as useless as the powers of millenia.Translated by A. Poulin
  11. u2 song of the day