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  1. Galatians 6:1 Common English Bible (CEB) Caring and sharing 6 Brothers and sisters, if a person is caught doing something wrong, you who are spiritual should restore someone like this with a spirit of gentleness. Watch out for yourselves so you won’t be tempted too.
  2. Psalm 10:14 Common English Bible (CEB) 14 But you do see! You do see troublemaking and grief, and you do something about it! The helpless leave it all to you. You are the orphan’s helper.
  3. Proverbs 25:23 Common English Bible (CEB) 23 The north wind stirs up rain, and a person who plots quietly provokes angry faces.
  4. Psalm 60:1 Common English Bible 1- God, you have rejected us— shattered us. You’ve been so angry. Now restore us!
  5. 2 John 1: 6 Common English Bible 6- This is love: that we live according to his commands. This is the command that you heard from the beginning: live in love.
  6. Sirach 4:29 Don't be bold to speak,but sluggish and slack when it comes to action.
  7. Micah 4:4 4- All will sit underneath their own grapevines, under their own fig trees. There will be no one to terrify them; for the mouth of the Lord of the heavenly forces has spoken.
  8. Romans 10:11 11 The scripture says, All who have faith in him won’t be put to shame
  9. Daniel 4:2 Common English Bible. 2- I m delighted to share the signs and miracles that the Most High God has worked in my life.
  10. Luke 11:33 Common English Bible 33 “People don’t light a lamp and then put it in a closet or under a basket. Rather, they place the lamp on a lampstand so that those who enter the house can see the light
  11. Haggai : 1:5. Common English Bible So now , this is what the Lord of heavenly forces say: take your ways to heart.
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