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    Fave shows: The X-Files,24,Californication,Seinfeld,
    Big Bang,Walking Dead
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    Still Haven't
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    September 17,05 Toronto,ON
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    July 11,11 Toronto ON
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  1. LetMeInTheSound7


    I love my shrine! Feel free to follow me on Twitter! @LucaG_7
  2. I feel like going CRAZY TONIGHT

  3. Very nicely done!! The whole site!
  4. It's been AWHILE since I've made a wallpaper. I thought I'd return with one of my fave pics from 360. Bono during Return of the Stingray Guitar!! Great pic reminds me of all the energy during the 360 concerts! Hope everyone enjoys and have a good night! By:Luca G
  5. Just got this in the mail! So awesome! Seeing as I wasn't born yet I can atleast dream I saw the concert
  6. I love the Simpsons!! Great show and an Amazing song OBVIOUSLY!!
  7. Just finished painting this last night. Sunset at Joshua Tree Enjoy!
  8. Painted this within 2 days. Added some shine to make it my own. Enjoy fellow U2ers
  9. I painted this on a canvas last night. More to come! Luca G
  10. I always wanted Passengers, TIME magazine was a must and I LOVE hold me,thrill me,kiss me,kill me!!
  11. Inside Jacket of the Zoo tv outside broadcast program!
  12. Came in the mail yesterday! I was looking and bidding for a long time but kept losing to people. I FINALLY GOT ONE!!
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