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    DRAWING, VAN GOGH, MUSIC, U2, U2 - *POP*, Brian ENO, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Depeche Mode in music matters. In literature I love Mario Vargas Llosa, as for TV Shows-I like House MD...
    Japan, Japanese Landscapes, Japanese Music, Japanese Cartoons (Anime: Dragon Ball, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Nadia-secret of bluewater, too many others.....)...
    THE MOON...!!!!!!!!
    too many others to mention...Like cartoons, cartoon network-Regular Show, Adventure Time, Gumball,
    And all the classic cartoons, obviously!
    Books, comics, trees, you know ... .
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    *** *MOFO**** !!!!!!!!
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    Didn't Get the Chance To.
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    Billie Holiday, Audioslave, The Strokes, Santana, The Doors, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Harold Budd, Francesco Napoli, Julio Iglesias, Toto Cutugno, Keane, Depeche Mode, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, Ella Fitzgerald & Her Orchestra, Frank Sinatra...Antonio Carlos Jobim...Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Muse.......Chris Rea...Roxette, The White Stripes,The Killers,Lady GAGA...

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