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  1. So glad you're enjoying it !!!!! The sea was really calm that morning when I started drawing but, eventually as the day progressed it got more furious and the waves turned into those romantic things you usually see in paintings but I was too far into it to change the aspect.......Maybe the angry sea will be my next drawing.....
  2. Thank You from the Bottom of my SEA.....LOL !!!!
  3. Thank you everyone....... You're the reason I continue drawing despite my very deep personal doubts that I'm any good at it.....
  4. 40 336 Drew something but it's ugly. Better luck next time..... I'll consider it as practice.
  5. From the album The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Been listening to 90's U2, as usual, and I always associated the album ' Zooropa ' with Spring....So this is what came out of listening to it, this time !!!

    © CRIS

  6. From the album The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Thanks to U2LAWOMAN for the suggestion and the encouragement !!!

    © CRIS !

  7. We need this forum (thread)...So here it is !!! "SOE is ready to go, but I'm not sure when it's going to go," says Adam Clayton Credit : Atu2Dot com and Fernanda Bottini ...
  8. From the album The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    © Cris

  9. From the album The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    This concludes my " The Joshua Three" series....I've done this listening to *POP*, Zooropa, Achtung Baby and a little bit of TJT......And a whole load of other stuff....... Coming Up Next: Achtung BABY !!!! Stay Tuned !!!

    © CRIS !!!!!!!

  10. 40 321 Looks like I'm all set for massive drawing tomorrow... !!!!!
  11. 40 318 Feverish Evening Counting !!!
  12. 40 316 Thank you.....Should kick into gear tomorrow !!!!
  13. 40 309... I won't be posting anything...No time, no calmness, no space to draw........And as time goes by it seems I get worse and worse.....