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  1. Your further over to the side then I will be. I’m section 324 row 4 seats 1 and 2 for Boston TD Garden.
  2. Anyone else have this experience last indoor tour that can help out?
  3. The blackout American soul Red flag day zoo station the fly sunday Bloody Sunday Desire (acoustic) angel of Harlem (acoustic) Stay Lights of home Summer of Love Love is blindness all I want is you Where the streets have no name encore Evem better than the real thing mysterious ways Pride in the name of love Get out of your own way Your the best thing about me The little things that give you away 40
  4. Had no problem. I’ve done verified fan now for 4 different bands and everytime I’ve gone in during the pre-sale or public sale and was able to get my tickets no problem within minutes! Best bing Ticketmater has ever done.
  5. Thanks for the help. I was wondering about the screen and the view of the screen and if that screen will also obstruct the b-stage as I’m dirextly behind the main stage. Go Sox!
  6. What was it like sitting behind the stage for the 2015 I+e tour. I was only in the general admission last time in Boston, but this time I’m 4th row balcony section 324 for Boston and it’s directly behind the stage balcony. Anyone sit there or around there last time and what was the view like?
  7. Does anyone have any idea on the ticket prices for the new tour? I know it’s inside so tickets will be extra expensive.
  8. For u2 360 in Philadelphia I arrived in the ga line around 11am and was about to get front row outer circle along the rail. What an experience.
  9. We need some pop cd songs in the setlist during the encore or beginning. I still say the popmart tour was one of their best tours ever followed by 360 then zoo tv
  10. For the u2 360 tour I queued in line at Philly starting around noon and got first row on rail of the outer circle. Same thing for Boston, but unlike 360 it doesn't look like there will be as much rail space so you may have to line up earlier than that.
  11. I don't think he said that at all... he just doesn't want to say anything in advance. I mean, if you look at the i+e stage, it was completely minimal... The stage was minimal, but the effects and screen were crazy and complex so all in all it was more than simplistic.
  12. Well with the amount of money that the tickets cost to see u2 which is more than a lot of acts out there where upper level at Gillette had tickets around 122 dollars after fees and like 300 + dollars for a lot of lower level seats I think if you are spending that much money fans expect more than a minimal stage like he described it as probably being. That's just my opinion.
  13. And second level 200 level seats available. Got section 237 row 15 for Boston!
  14. Keep checking for Gillette stadium. Pulling general admission and second level seats non stop right now! Was able to get section 237 row 15 around 9:45am Happy with my seats but I did have section 237 row 1 at 9:15 and got an error. See you all there!!!
  15. I really think the Troubles would be a killer encore ending song for the rest of the tour. Perfect ending sound. I also would love to see a different song open the second set such as the fly or something from pop such as discoteque or mofo. What do you all think?
  16. Got my wristband at 11am and ended up 2nd row off rail just off e stage. You should be totally fine!
  17. What is the bag policy?? Concerned about this one.
  18. Will the wristbands they hand out in the morning be numbered and will that mean you can leave and return later??? Would love to be able to get a late lunch and use bathroom before getting in line. Waited in line all day for 360 and vertigo but this time would love to do things before show.
  19. Seems as though they may do that for U2 also. Sorta remember something like that for other shows I've seen there.
  20. Has anyone heard yet how the Boston general admission line is going to be handled by the venue. Wil. They be doing what they have some before by handing wristbands out and telling you to come back before 5pm?
  21. I remember in Providence in 2001, some people left DURING the first night's concert to start the second night's line - how crazy is that, to be in the first two or three rows inside the heart, on the floor, and then walk out in the middle just to be close for the next night's show? And not like during the last song, but in the middle of the concert. Dumbest thing I've read. Whyyyy would you leave half way to line up for tomorrow?????
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