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  1. If anyone wants to be in GA and has a group of 4, let me know. We are bringing my daughter and although she is excited we don't know how she will hold up in GA till about 11pm and now we want an actual seat. Lower levels please so we can see, preferably not all the way in the back. It's credit card entry so DM me. I've read here I can cancel my c.c and mail it or I can walk your group in. We can work something out, I'm sure.
  2. I'm going to line up here with like 1000 other ppl. If anyone has a ticket to sell, I'm looking for GA, face value please PM ASAP.
  3. Okay, I'm getting in line here on the forums, as there are so many in search of tickets. I'm open to anything would love GA, but may not be possible. If anyone wants to sell their tickets for either show at face value [MOD EDIT: FACE VALUE ONLY. thanks], please PM me! Thanks!
  4. Please help, willing to pay face value maybe slightly more so me and my wife can make it to this show! Looking for 2 GAs, or Sections 116, 117, 118, 106, 107, 108 .... Close to stage but not behind .... Please let me know if someone is willing to help a fellow U2 die-hard fan out! Thanks!!!!
  5. I have been a long time paid subscriber, 4 years or so. My membership was set to expire on 1/27/15, and I renewed on 1/25/15. Sorry, but I think its nonsense that you don't get a presale code with each paid renewal. I mean its the biggest draw of paying the $40 fee. I used common sense and thought I'd get another presale code for shows announced in the future (IE the upcoming 7/30/15 show that was just announced). I am thoroughly disappointed and let down that I won't. It just doesn't seem fair to me at all. Its what you are paying for to be a member. Last years membership was finished, I used my presale code, I bought a new membership, I should get a new code. Its that simple. Apparently not ...
  6. U2 need to realize that this is not fair to the fans. Like many others have said, if it takes 3-4 years to give the fans a 9-10 song album, that is ridiculous! I am still hoping that this is not true .... That they are worried about the reception of the first 2 songs ... hey .. who cares? Guitar driven rock songs are dead on mainstream radio. If this was 10 years ago Invisible would have been an instant radio juggernaut. Its just not that time. Crap pop and hip hop dominate the radio now .... its common knowledge, who cares? Fear of not having commercial success should not be in their mind at all. Just put your freakin album out, and tour, U2. Learn a thing or two from Bruce in this dept. And actually ... If this was 15 years ago, nobody would give a darn whether or not U2 ever put out another album after making us wait 6 years, because we would all be enthralled with Arcade Fire, who is as of this moment the best rock band in the world right now. their album "reflektor" is AMAZING. But the "world" doesn't even know it because rock is just dead.
  7. like i said they have twice done free smaller shows ...bk bridge and then fordham. Why not do it big? They are an epic band they should do epic things.
  8. Dont forget the blackeyed peas! Ha. In all seriousness i think it would be an awesome move on their part and they could pull it off. They could get a million ppl in there just put speakers and big screens everywhere.
  9. As rumors swirl around the internet regarding an upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring a new song and the announcement of the new album release date, and the fact that they will inaugurate the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, I thought of something: U2 should join the list of other artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, and Sheryl Crow, and have a mega concert on Central Park's main lawn. This would be great for the fans, great for the promotion of their new album and tour, and an awesome showcase for their new tunes if they could get a channel like FX or MTV or some other channel to televise it. They recorded the album in NYC, and a lot of NYers raised eye brows when U2 was absent from the 12/12 concert. They could allow people to attend the concert after making a $5 donation to either Sandy relief, aid for Africa, or some other cause (maybe the Philippines). I think they could break the record for ppl drawn to such an event, and it would be awesome. They did a surprise concert in Brooklyn right before Vertigo. They also had a free concert for Fordham students before 360 where they did 6 songs. I say hey, if you're gonna be a monkey, be a gorilla. they should do more of a full set, put it on the house, or for charity, showcase new songs, and maybe even have a few collaborations. I was at the Sheryl Crow concert and she had Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks, and others jam and sing with her. It was one of the best concerts I have gone too. Maybe U2 could get Chris Martin, Brandon Flowers, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé to have cameos. And last but not least, its a great way to draw new fans! Anyway, has U2 ever done a large scale free concert before? Either way, my only other wish is that this tour includes "So Cruel", "Acrobat", and "Kite" in the setlists!
  10. What if you've been a member for 3 years or more? Can I buy 4 tickets for say a show in Philadelphia and then 4 more for NYC? Also, my wife will be pregnant assuming there will be concerts before mid September. Will I have access to the best seats in specific sections? For example lower lever right in front of the band or right on their side? I won't be able to do GA this time but I want some prime seats.
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