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  1. I went into buy Madison square garden seats at 10am but kept telling me my presale didnt start until wed...kept going back and coming back in for like 5 min same....so I came out and tried for a different show and it let me try to buy tickets there so I went back to MSG and it then let me see the seats avail. Not alot left....but if you havent used your presale code and you think there might be a chance they are adding shows (like they usually do for NY) you should wait for that - most people will have used up their codes and there will be more variety left. Also I will say if you dont want to be in general admission but like first row off the floor but are trying to save money...the seats all the way on the far side of the arena were coming up first row off the floor 80 something dollars limited view seats...I think if its the same as the innocence/experienc tour then that prob means you wont be able to see screens on the side....which is a big part of the show BUT I had similar seats for that tour and the b stage comes out so far that it was still amazing. that being said I chose to spend more this time to hopefully get a fuller view.
  2. My first 5 min trying to get in to buy msg show seats kept telling my my presale didnt stat til wed even though Im "experienced"...kept retrying - same message....finally went back logged into another city and it allowed me to try to buy tickets there...so I logged back in to msg where I was finally able to purchace tickets - very limited selection in my opinion. Either that 5 min period was crucial or holding back lots of tickets. there where lots of $600 vip party tickets avail though.
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