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  1. you purchased red zone tickets as well for st louis!? see you there!!!

    1. lipo65


      are red zone worth it ?  they look too far away from the catwalk and any chance of getting to get up and dance on stage ?  

    2. u2fan1019


      I don't know, I heard that on the songs of innocence's tour they changed the red zone closer to the stage. I'm not sure if that would happen again. hopefully so. but its worth not having to stand for 5 hrs to get a decent view. 

    3. lipo65


      I didn't purchase any in st. louis .   yet.   maybe .   so far I have tulsa , LA, Nashville , Atlanta, Boston night 1 and Madison square garden both nights . that's a grueling schedule for someone who is not a rock star and home is in phoenix .   lol .   I am still hoping to add a few more but I want to get a feel for how it's going to be.   I didn't use my pre sale because I wanted GA or red zone and couldn't get them .   I've gone through third party resellers and I want to see  how this plays out .  

  2. I got my ticket through the U2.com presale (RZ in St Louis) but also registered for the Citi presale. I'm wondering if I shouldn't wait on other tickets/cities. What do y'all think are the chances they'll release more dates? If I buy a ticket for Nashville, or Atlanta they they announce dates in Houston &/or Dallas, that would be a big waste of money. I really can't believe they're skipping the whole southwest U.S.
  3. I'm wondering about future dates also. I registered for the Citi presale, but I'm doubting I'll use them because if they announce shows in Dallas &/or Houston, I am going to those. But I only have till Thursday to decide that. Would be nice to know the chances of them doing more dates on the southwest -- if no Texas dates, Phoenix would be good.
  4. Me too. I splurged & bought a Red Zone ticket. After the year I've had.... Anyway, I'm so excited!
  5. And to further complicate matters, the gold & silver packages just talk about the neat "stuff", they don't say anything about seats/placement in the arena....
  6. I'm bummed that RZ has such bad placement. GA is problematic for me - I'm short & even average-sized guys in front of me means I won't see a thing. And waiting in line all day the day before....I'm older, and don't think my body would take that well. But I had RZ for the canceled St Louis show & really have my heart set on that experience. I just don't know...
  7. thanks! great to know, especially since I have hurt my leg since I bought my ticket & I'm using a cane...... I'd have bought a seat if I'd known my leg would do this. I e-mailed the venue to ask about stairs & rules about canes & stuff.
  8. Hi Jeff! I'm flying in that morning, got info on the train to take from the airport to the venue - my hotel is just a few blocks away. Do you know of anyplace a vegetarian can eat near there? Preferably cheap, but mostly - vegetarian. Thanks!
  9. I'm going to St Louis on the 16th. Flight arrives at 11am, hotel check in isn't till 4. Thought I might go by the venue. Will they let me pick up my tickets as early as 1 or so & come back after I drop off my bag at my hotel? I've never done Red Zone before. I know it's GA, I'm short & hoping to get a good place. I want Adam to see my sign from all the way across the stage.
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