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  1. I got my ticket through the U2.com presale (RZ in St Louis) but also registered for the Citi presale. I'm wondering if I shouldn't wait on other tickets/cities. What do y'all think are the chances they'll release more dates? If I buy a ticket for Nashville, or Atlanta they they announce dates in Houston &/or Dallas, that would be a big waste of money. I really can't believe they're skipping the whole southwest U.S.
  2. I'm wondering about future dates also. I registered for the Citi presale, but I'm doubting I'll use them because if they announce shows in Dallas &/or Houston, I am going to those. But I only have till Thursday to decide that. Would be nice to know the chances of them doing more dates on the southwest -- if no Texas dates, Phoenix would be good.
  3. Me too. I splurged & bought a Red Zone ticket. After the year I've had.... Anyway, I'm so excited!
  4. And to further complicate matters, the gold & silver packages just talk about the neat "stuff", they don't say anything about seats/placement in the arena....
  5. I'm bummed that RZ has such bad placement. GA is problematic for me - I'm short & even average-sized guys in front of me means I won't see a thing. And waiting in line all day the day before....I'm older, and don't think my body would take that well. But I had RZ for the canceled St Louis show & really have my heart set on that experience. I just don't know...
  6. thanks! great to know, especially since I have hurt my leg since I bought my ticket & I'm using a cane...... I'd have bought a seat if I'd known my leg would do this. I e-mailed the venue to ask about stairs & rules about canes & stuff.
  7. Hi Jeff! I'm flying in that morning, got info on the train to take from the airport to the venue - my hotel is just a few blocks away. Do you know of anyplace a vegetarian can eat near there? Preferably cheap, but mostly - vegetarian. Thanks!
  8. I'm going to St Louis on the 16th. Flight arrives at 11am, hotel check in isn't till 4. Thought I might go by the venue. Will they let me pick up my tickets as early as 1 or so & come back after I drop off my bag at my hotel? I've never done Red Zone before. I know it's GA, I'm short & hoping to get a good place. I want Adam to see my sign from all the way across the stage.
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