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  1. Well... At least I was able to change my profile pic to show my new tattoo!!
  2. That's why I went and got it tattooed the next morning!! As soon as I get home and can resize the picture, I will post it!!
  3. Thank you!!! I'll get right on it this evening after I drive back home from LA!!! The show was soooooooo amazing!!! Getting signed was soooo amazing!! Best day EVER!!!!!
  4. Omg you guys!!!! I met Bono!!! He signed my arm!! I got it tattooed this morning!!! Can someone please tell me how the heck I can post a picture!????
  5. Where *exactly* did they come out?? I going down there on the 3rd and I'm going really early in hopes of meeting the rest of the band!! If anyone has ANY info, I'd be grateful!!!
  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I hope to be feeling that exact same excitement in a few days time!!! Fingers crossed!!! The San Jose show was AMAZING!! So amazing in fact that I'm trying to go again in LA!! Once just wasn't enough!!! Enjoy tonight's show!!!
  7. I know!! I've been trying all day... But I hear that some venues are releasing more GAs 1-2 days before event, so I'm just gonna keep trying!! Thank you so much though!! Are you going to any of the LA shows?
  8. Thank you sooooo MUCH!!! I will definitely do that!!
  9. In San Jose, they came out to sign autographs around 3:30 ish the first day and around 2 the second day and they came out by the gated loading dock... Good luck!! (Now if I could just get some GA tickets for the LA shows...)
  10. Sorry about that! I'm new to posting
  11. Please message me and let me know if you have 2 GA tix for ANY of the LA shows!! Thanks so much!!!!
  12. If that other person didn't take them, I will take them!! Right now!! Today!! Please message me & let me know!!! [EDIT] EDIT: PLEASE, NO phones and/or email. Use the PM. thanks.
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