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  1. Get well soon, Bono. Big hug, my man. You'll bounce back I'm sure x
  2. Never played any of this vinyl - I would if I had a decent player but unless I knew it was correctly set up, I don’t think I’d dare. I have a few more to the collection since this picture. May have to update!
  3. Listening to this album constantly since Saturday and I'm really pleased to say I love it. The end.
  4. I’m going to stand by what I said, I think it’s a great album and it may not be better but I think it’s sitting with their stronger stuff of the last 20 years. Production wise, I’m loving the sonicness. I’m loving the melodies, especially the vocal parts on the chorus parts. I think there are elements of fun and seriousness that are juxtaposed cleverly. One of my favourite tracks from htdaab was fast cars... kind of similar to some of the expressions here. A bit like baby face on Zooropa. I’m going to enjoy listening to this and exploring it with a smile as opposed to a cynical frown! It is what it is. For me anyway...
  5. Okay, Okay we're on the same page :).... Now, back to THIS album... will these songs stand up against any of the aforementioned in our previous conversation...? you'll have to give me at least a week, but I sincerely think there will be moments that do... Definitely not the Refu-Jesus line but others, certainly. Keep me posted!
  6. Since you put it like that... let's have a think...? 13 songs that could be picked since AB that would be better than AB on an album if released now... including SOE... Zooropa Numb Lemon Stay The First Time ... that's just off one album... Can't be done!!
  7. But you can't replicate anything that has been or happened in the past as everything is completely unique, even ,my opinion of this album and all past albums I have ever heard. I've just finished it for the first time and it's going on again. It's definitely better than the last two albums in my opinion upon first listen. Now I just have to convince myself it goes further into the back catalogue.
  8. I competently agree. If it is TRUE then it must be right what ever the media. I feel this is a true album.
  9. No, you're absolutely right. It's not the best thing since Achtung Baby! That's the beer, anticipation and the will for it to be the best album in the world talking. But excusing my excitement to join in with the celebration, which I've missed, I love the groove of the album and the uplifting energy. Previous comment redacted. (Still enjoying the album though and it could be the best since...)
  10. Listening tonight for the first time since my pre-order didn't arrive in time... still hasn't but couldn't wait any longer. I've not even finished it yet, and already it's the best thing I've heard since... maybe Achtung Baby! Wow... that is a bold statement! I'll commit by the end, I'm sure!
  11. ...still not arrived, anyone else had there's come through?
  12. That's good to hear that they haven't been sent yet. I can relax a bit. Thank you for getting back to me. Can't wait for Twickenham! Although I hope there aren't any issues getting in, like at the O2 where I missed the intro to the show! Cheers guys, Mike
  13. Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has received their UK Collector Tickets yet? ...waiting in anticipation by the door! Mike
  14. Croke Park was amazing for 360. I'd definitely try and get over to Dublin for a night if possible. Has it been mentioned yet? It's a small world for U2 fans
  15. I think I must be pretty close to 10... Does outside the BBC building for top of the pops count??
  16. 27th U2 show!!?? My god, that is pretty impressive! Hope we all get to celebrate it with you!!
  17. No idea... maybe to make sure non-subscribers get a chance? Probably has something to do with re-selling too, but dunno...
  18. Wish I could get to two shows. Managed to get to two shows on the 360 tour. One in Sheffeild and then flew out to Dublin for another. Croke park was quite an experience
  19. Good effort! Maybe see you there!
  20. Hahahaha that's brilliant - We could start a new thread for people expecting closest to the U2 dates! I guarentee the due date will end up being the same night as the show
  21. I managed to sneak out of work, run home just before 10am and jump on the computer. Paid off... got two GA tickets for the 25th October in London. My wife will hopefully be joining me... trying for another baby... hhhmmmm that could be really bad timing!! hahaha Anyone else going to London??
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