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  1. old and now poor it seems, he has his coat held together with a safety pin!! I agree!! Edge is very cool, as ever!!
  2. I have the 5th option: it will be a great album because EVERY U2 album is a great album!
  3. Thanks for sharing. What happened to micheal stipe!??!?! He's old!!!
  4. Thank you Febottini! We're always proud of our beloved leader
  5. Thank you for sharing! (and welcome back )
  6. It's true! Of course: she's Bono stepdaughter and she was born on the 4th of July (like me )
  7. bono & edge cannes.jpg He's so sexy with those trousers
  8. I like musicals and I love U2, so musical+U2 it's good for me ....
  9. Dreaming of Ireland...

  10. And maybe U2 music no-stop all day in the hall and pictures in the walls...
  11. Friends this is my hope... Even if - to be honest - He's already in perfect shape... So, Bono: you are in perfect shape, you can start the tour!!!
  12. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you malahide for sharing!!!
  13. A U2 flat in the U2 tower with a great U2 hall and a beautiful U2 garden
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