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  1. don't worry...no need to tell us not to buy that book....(but can we really call it a book? who's this man? who knows him? I've never heard this name....he's nothing...does he pretend to be a writer?)
  2. No need to scold we all have different opinions. I'm just concerned i'm missing out great music because they really overthink their creative process. whatever comes out, record it. if good, go on, if not, please don't ask 20 producers Anyway, it will be a masterpiece
  3. LOL!!! I totally agree...As I use to say: "it's a privilege and a honour to be a U2 fan"!
  4. Ná glac pioc comhairle gan comhairle ban

    1. moanya


      go raibh maith agat

    2. Malahide


      Never take advice without a woman's guidance?

    3. moanya
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  5. this is not a nice thing to say....they are human and they have a lot of activities between albums... ...it's a hard job...
  6. my best friend uses to say that "U2 have more accessories than Barbie"
  7. I received it 30 minutes ago...I agree about Sunday Bloody Sunday
  8. Prefer more songs on a boxset than a shit film, i know that much!. Like last time, Wonder how many version we'll get... Mag version Digi Limited slipcase Jewel Boxset Vinyl Download Singles boxset Promo memory card I prefer a 12 track cd as the regular album and another 4 or 5 bonus track cd ! Aside this...a huge hard-back book with many photos... I agree!!! and a dvd maybe...
  9. All the U2 songs are beautiful, there is no filler in their albums!! 
  10. they can go with 20 beautiful songs and no filler!
  11. Only ten songs? I want at least twelve, preferably fourteen. twenty maybe...
  12. This morning I read that Adam confirmed that the new album will be here before the end of 2013...Does anybody know if it's just a rumor or if it's the truth?
  13. The Sunday Bloody Sunday performance it's about a project called Inside Out Project, to help economy in Malawi. http://www.insideoutproject.net/en
  14. Great! It will be their best album ever, anyway
  15. Good job boys! I can't wait for the new album!!! Beautiful Bono with the moustache!
  16. 3386 - Hi there! I'm at work at the moment and the radio is playing Beautiful day!!
  17. Congratulations to Eve!!!!!! Dad and mum should be proud!
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