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  1. Wishing the Happiest of Happy Birthdays to 'the B man' on this day, & wishing all good things to his family always.

  2. "A world in white gets underway!" - U2. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16.  Hoping for everyone peace, all good things, & happiness in 2019!

  3. Prayers for Bono's beautiful voice. All the best to Bono.

  4. When fact is fiction & tv reality! 'Don-the-Con Swamp' makes this a REAL CONCERN in America these days! (You could change 'tv' to 'twitter.')

    1. Alma1


      America did not elect Trump. It's an illegitimate election because of all the illegal & immoral Voting Rights Violations by legislators (of a certain political stripe) to stop the poor, elderly, minorities, & college students from voting & to make some of their votes not count. Despite that, Hillary got about 2 & a half MILLION more votes than Trump, & only the 'Electoral College' gave Trump the 'win.' Things are still going to court.

  5. "..to a light that's in the distance. Oh, don't sorrow, no don't weep, For tonight at last I am coming home."

    1. Alma1


      Easier said than done for those whose hearts grieve a dear loved-one's departing of course. May the loved-one experience peace & great joy.

    2. Malahide


      Hi Alma, hope you are ok.

    3. ELMARTO
  6. For all the kids graduating into 'the real world' - let's keep them in our hearts! It's a mad/crazy world out there.

  7. 1: U go,B-man - blazing thru congress! 2: U go,u2.com - for the webby! 3: I finally found my real name.

  8. Commencing countdown, engines on. Check ignition & may God's love be w/ u! -Remembering David Bowie.

  9. "A world in white gets underway!" Love to Zootopians & the world - on New Year's Day & always!

  10. "I won't heed the battle call." "..claim the victory Jesus won."

  11. Oh, maybe the time is right. Oh, maybe tonight...

    1. angelofharlem4u2


      Hope to hear New Year's Day when I see them :)


    2. pain_18_
  12. Tears for flight9525 &loved ones,especially those of the students.Our hearts2them.

  13. "We are stardust, we are golden...& we've got to get ourselves back to the garden!" ~CSN&Y.

  14. SO sorry abt B's injuries! Prayr w/open heart & no doubt: CAN help heal greatly.

  15. '..these songs are rare..like miracles..' "1 day you'll look back, & you'll see where u were held now by this love."

    1. pain_18_


      Achtung Baby !!!!

  16. "How disconnected & colourful the people here are - crazy & delightful, too!" ~ The One Word Story. ("...the powerful play goes on, & you may contribute a verse." That play is life. "What will your verse be?" ~ Dead Poets Society.)

  17. "...the powerful play goes on, & you may contribute a verse." That play is life. "What will your verse be?"

    1. pain_18_


      That's a tough question !!!

  18. Happy Birthday to Edge. And many more. :)

  19. Ebony & ivory live together in perfect harmony / side by side on my piano keyboard. Oh Lord, why don't we? (McCartney & Wonder)

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    2. ELMARTO


      "We Learn To Live, We Learn To Give

      Each Other What We Need To Survive Together Alive"


      Yeah although it's prob got a fair bit of dust on it :)

    3. Alma1


      Let the dust cloud disappear w/out a trace. Oops! Wrong song! Lol. But I think we about covered Ebony & Ivory - except the middle instrumental part! But we could always repeat the chorus. :)

    4. ELMARTO
  20. Saw about Tommy Ramone passing. At 1st, thought the pic was Eddie Van Halen & my heart plummeted! I saw The Ramones yrs ago. RIP.

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    2. pain_18_


      What are you talking about Alma ????

    3. Alma1


      "Gabba gabba hey" was a Ramones thing, & 'I Want To Be Sedated' was a song they sang. That concert was the only one I've been to where the floor swayed!! It kind of undulated up & down. (Actually had me a little concerned.) But I'm still alive! :D

    4. pain_18_


      Sounds like Fun !

  21. The trenches dug within... How long? How long?

  22. For Chris & all who love (or at least appreciate!) 'Magnificent' in Fez!

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    2. Alma1


      Thanks for thanking me for posting, Malahide!

    3. pain_18_


      Yeah, thanks !

    4. aaron96


      24 years ago i saw the best band ever in roundhey park leeds, that band was the magificent U2 we love you.

  23. Keep the faith. : )

  24. 'Happy Mother's Day' to the nation of Poland! I've visited there & remember w/fondness the nice people there. :)

  25. 'A gathering of angels appeared above my head. They sang to me a song of hope...' (From 'Come Sail Away' by Styx.)

    1. 99TTENE


      That's a great song!

    2. Alma1


      Cool. Glad u appreciate it. I'm into some of the lyrics of it.

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