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  1. So, Cam, how is it possible that now you're Party Girl & I'm what - 'Playboy Mansion'? At least I absolutely Adore the song 'Party Girl.' What do I have to do to get the name of that stupid magazine away from my username. And Fernanda is only Blue Room? How's that possible?
  2. If the real cover was like that, I never would've bought the special boxed set in the beautiful, classy storage box.
  3. Shannon, you just made me realize I forgot to thank Fernanda. Thanks Fernanda!
  4. Lol. I can't stop laughing at this. In fact, the 2 hosts look more the part than Larry. The 2 hosts here: SERious ARtists. In fact, the guy on the right - to look at him, he has Visions of such import that he can only Hope to deliver them to some part of society - but can he ever hope to reach the masses? No doubt a tormented Soul who struggles to deliver right the music of his soul.
  5. Yes this is hilarious. Too bad they didn't have a cutout of Adam in black & standing up straight, but the hosts are Totally Excellent there. And Larry. And the backdrop.
  6. Thanks for posting Oswaldo. Just to let you know, though, Malahide created a post about this under the 'U2 News & Rumors' section & this is what bigwave said about it there: "if this news not on U2.com, then its not official. Sometimes stuff gets leaked, sometimes people speculate (and get lucky), sometimes press prints stuff they have been asked not to, who knows... So, until we see anything announced on the main page then its not official news. I am sure we will get to know something definite pretty soon though."
  7. Alma1

    Grooms Cake

    I didn't even mention how creative that was. Definitely groom-cake-worthy!
  8. Alma1

    Grooms Cake

    Sweet! (Including literally. I'll bet it was delicious.) And 100% awesome, too. : )
  9. Thanks Fe! Something about that photograph. How great it would be to be able to live a creative life like that, huh? A creative community or group of artists exploring & bringing different ideas/concepts to life. Together, they're more than the sum of their parts.
  10. Nah... I want it all! I'm aiming for the full album to listen to! I'm greedy like that. A song would be nice too yes... Well, sometimes if you want to reach the top of a tall tree, you have to aim for the moon, right?
  11. I was just thinking: there will be people who come here & say: No! Just give us The Album or Nothing at all! Those who are my friends who will say that, I Do feel for what you're saying but I can't help laughing at that expectation. But hey, yeah - when the time comes that the album is ready, do show us love by giving us a song off the album B4 the album is released.
  12. I.M.H.O.: Just looked again at something febottini said: "..it would be very nice to feel excited again waiting for a new song... to be thrilled by the countdown. So it would have to be announced earlier to attract people´s attention" And I actually agree. MEET IN THE MIDDLE: 1) Give all of us who had no problem w/the movie-trailer thing what we enjoy by sending everyone (subs or subs-&-members) a day-ahead heads-up so those of us that want to can join our friends at countdown, 2) Give those who were disappointed this: nothing to get so disappointed about. How? By just NOT calling it something like 'Subscribers Special - Not to be missed.' In fact, why not just let people KNOW Ahead Of Time Exactly WHAT it is that is going to be posted? (Or at least a Much better idea of what it will be.) Then those interested can join the countdown to seeing it all together for the 1st time - & those uninterested don't get tantalized by what will surely be a let-down to them? I Do feel for them & care about how they feel.
  13. Also, if the goal is to reduce complaints, then I'd also say to describe it in a matter-of-fact way rather than "Subscribers Special - Not to be missed." Just make it a matter-of-fact delivery (call it something like that if calling it anything). Reminding u that there are members & subscribers who Did think that what we saw Was special & Did like the build-up & did Not have unrealistic expectations etc, but since we didn't see anything to complain about we weren't so vocal afterwards. Fe, you said "Have you seen how many people were online on the last Thursday? I guess almost 2000." Someone was saying they saw the number get up to 8,000 - 8,500. Not sure if they meant that, but they said it like they meant it.
  14. True, I didn't see the trailer anywhere before I saw it here... As someone said before, people might have forgotten THE 360 book + Edge's picks And I don't understand why people were expecting the release of the new album - Are people thinking that albums are released when they feel like it? It's good to clarify and give the accurate information... You'll simply never be able to please everyone. And those that are not pleased w/something are always more vocal about it than those who actually had more realistic expectations & really appreciated what they were shown. That being said, I would say make an almost simultaneous Delivery of 2 things: 1) announcement in emails & at U2.com homepage at the same time that 2) the content is Just about to be posted at U2.com. Announce it just b4 or at the same time as delivering it: No Build-Up that way. I personally enjoy the build-up, but not everyone has realistic expectations & they experience a let-down. When u say "or just release it to members only" - do u mean all members - not just subscribers? Although I'm a subscriber, I care about fans who can't afford the sub fee, so if u share something w/members, too, I'm all for that. (Though some subscribers would say 'then what do we pay for?') P.S. Came back here to add this note: I'm leaving this post here rather than delete it, but I changed my mind about almost-simultaneous delivery. My final thoughts on it are in my post below that says 'Meet In The Middle.' i.m.h.o.
  15. {P.S. Not that Danielson had said it mattered much to him. Lol. I think he's too busy studying for tests & such. }
  16. Uh...I realized...um...we didn't actually get to see it 1st in the world I knew b4 we saw it that if Monica Martino, Danielsentana, & Fernanda turned out to be right, then what we were going to see wasn't here b4 anywhere else...But we were some of the 1st in the world to see it. And at least we were all together when we saw it. Community & all that. Sorry but Mary Ann Cris posted the news up before any the above if you are handing out credit. Thanks Basher. I actually was wondering when it first got posted. The people I mentioned were just the first I myself saw posting about it, but I know I didn't see the very beginning of it all. I do know that sometimes 2 people can discover something at the same time, too, like Alexander Graham Bell & Elisha Gray invented the phone at the same time, but Alexander got to the patent office 1st. But I see where Daniel said something like this to u: 'I know other people are faster, I just like joking about finding things' - so I'll take that as his admission that Mary Ann Cris found it b4 him.
  17. Uh...I realized...um...we didn't actually get to see it 1st in the world I knew b4 we saw it that if Monica Martino, Danielsentana, & Fernanda turned out to be right, then what we were going to see wasn't here b4 anywhere else...But we were some of the 1st in the world to see it. And at least we were all together when we saw it. Community & all that.
  18. "It's grace. How sweet the sound." ~Bono.

  19. Wow. Thanks KoDe! (I didn't know 1 way or another except I know that things can depend on licensing agreements & have everything to do w/what the companies' agreements are between each other, the record labels, the movie production company, etc.)
  20. Ok, I have a silly little ole question...what are people thinking about this: is there any chance this song would be on the new album in any way shape or form, or is it bound to be only on a separate movie soundtrack album? And, earlier, someone said he thinks the full song would be on YouTube soon enough. But the movie won't be in theaters til Nov 29. Things don't leak this early do they?
  21. Interesting. Now I Really want to hear the whole song. Of course, U2 was an influence on Coldplay - & they've said so - so it's pretty much Coldplay who sounds a little like U2. But now when I hear the full song, I'll keep your Coldplay comment in mind.
  22. Now I want to know All of the lyrics.
  23. And how does that make us feel better about hearing practically Nothing as Mandela was screaming over a little piece of song trailer after a day of waiting ??? Yup - but movie trailers are like that. I wonder if the full song will be available elsewhere at u2.com.
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