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  1. Heartwrenching. Hmmm...will she ever reach him? Maybe if she gets a little more limber. But should she have to get acrobatic - or should he meet her halfway?


    Maybe if he opens his mind a bit to explore the edge of his thoughts at least a bit more - & opens his heart more & listens to his heart more.

  2. Wow. Beautiful. Why shouldn't someone commission you to paint that on the side of a building? (Maybe painting murals on sides of buildings is an art in itself.)


    There's certainly at least 1 Robert Frost poem that would be happy to accompany this drawing of yours! (Probably more than 1.)

  3. Chris, I find it almost disturbing that I didn't know u were so artistically talented!


    The moon in the sky in your owl drawing looks like a black pearl on a shell. I'm thinking u meant to do that. And if u didn't, then maybe it was subconscious - & just go with it!


    Did u notice that your tree drawing is in the 'featured' gallery? As it should be! : )

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