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  1. VERY UNUSUAL PROBLEM: U2.com won't let me log off. go to u2.com to log off - not here in zootopia I tried that. Still wouldn't let me log off. I finally just closed the windows tab & did the rest of what u suggested (cleared cookies etc..logged back in). Will try buying tickets again now.
  2. (Just a note: Caps in my previous msg aren't shouting. Just highlighting.)
  3. VERY UNUSUAL PROBLEM: U2.com won't let me log off.
  4. whats the first 5 characters of your code - U215A or U215B Sorry Bigwave! Just saw your question. It's U215A.
  5. Thx for the suggestion. Tried & it's been telling me this forever: "Searching for tickets. If you refresh or leave this page - you'll lose your place in line!"
  6. Same here. Over & over. Wonder if their system is kind of crashing due to heavy usage at this time.
  7. When I said it won't grab the tickets for me, I can tell it's trying - a little circle keeps going round & round, then I get the timeout note & have to start all over.
  8. UPDATE: Presale code has been accepted a number of times now, & the system finds me tickets that I accept, BUT when I press 'buy,' the system won't grab the tickets & take me to a screen to enter my card info - I wind up at this: Gateway TimeoutThe proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.14ff4f17.1417708208.23e660bd
  9. Madison Square Garden takes you to Ticketmaster which is fine until you enter the presale code. Trying since 10:00 am & it's 10:06 am now.
  10. Where are u located? Info I have: New York City, price range including fees - (not just for standing): $48.80 - $312.40. Highest price would be standing area.
  11. From tour page FAQs: "Any tickets purchased during the presale will cost the same as the tickets available during the public sale.." And that is? How much?
  12. Hello Andy. Glad to hear it. Enjoy.
  13. And any prices? All the FAQ section says is presale prices are the same as general - which leaves this question: "and that is?"
  14. It is a website glitch, it's happened to all of the members/subscribers giving the wrong "member since" dates. Just to let you know, it didn't happen to me, so there are people that didn't happen to.
  15. SO sorry abt B's injuries! Prayr w/open heart & no doubt: CAN help heal greatly.

  16. '..these songs are rare..like miracles..' "1 day you'll look back, & you'll see where u were held now by this love."

    1. pain_18_


      Achtung Baby !!!!

  17. "How disconnected & colourful the people here are - crazy & delightful, too!" ~ The One Word Story. ("...the powerful play goes on, & you may contribute a verse." That play is life. "What will your verse be?" ~ Dead Poets Society.)

  18. "...the powerful play goes on, & you may contribute a verse." That play is life. "What will your verse be?"

    1. pain_18_


      That's a tough question !!!

  19. Happy Birthday to Edge. And many more. :)

  20. Interesting point that ozziepaulgerrard said: "U2 no longer release then rehearse their album. Pop ended that. They all hated that they couldnt play it live. They rehease the live sound and book the tour, do remixes and video's and its all ready to hit the road on release."
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