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  1. Rang the U2.com helpline and they said they have all the vinyls in stock and they're shipping them out everyday in the order the orders were placed. So hopefully mine will be shipped very soon.
  2. I subscribed in April too and haven't got vinyl or shipment email. It said on U2.com that the vinyls were finished being manufactured in July so why are they not being all shipped out yet. I think they are shipping them out in the order people subscribed, ie people who subscribed when the gift was first mentioned would be the first to get it. I hope I get mine soon having got a turntable.
  3. I rang the U2.com helpline and they said they were shipping them out in the order that the orders were placed. I subscribed in April, so I hope mine is shipped soon.
  4. Still no sign of mine shipping. Because I live in Ireland I rang the international helpline number on U2.com and they said they don't deal with the U2.com fan club package anymore. I'm hoping that my vinyl will ship in the next few days.
  5. Still waiting for mine to ship. Rang the U2.com helpline and they said my vinyl was on the way to the warehouse where it will be shipped, hope it will be soon.
  6. Just seen on U2.com that the vinyl is going to be shipped in July 2015, can't wait.
  7. Still no sign of the vinyl shipping, rang the U2.com helpline and they don't know when it'll be shipped
  8. Did anyone receive their copy of Another Time, Another Place. I am hoping that it will ship at the end of this month.
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