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  1. They will never accept they made any mistake. Neither they officially compensate. (And I do not mean option to return money for membership, though.) I believe whole thing is presented to the group as big success.
  2. khoobo

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    I already gave up and frankly, I have no time to spend whole day on this shit going on. Enjoy my money for extention of my membership. The post on U2 news is wery true, sadly:
  3. khoobo

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    100% AGREE. And I do not think that any refund of membership fee ever covers the amount of disapointment that each verified member had to go through. Not even talking about time you need to spend to firefight this and figure out WTF is going on here... I believe U2 as a group needs to get at least beedback on this and do their actions for wrong decision they allowed thier managment to make.
  4. khoobo

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    So you are in wrong thread...
  5. khoobo

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

  6. khoobo

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    ...and will pay for all travel arrangements... Certainly :/ They have no clue aboutwhat is going no...
  7. khoobo

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    VERY TRUE!!! I doubt that U2 as a group is even aware about this screwup! F**K IT!
  8. I hope they are kidding me, too. Have been paid member several years now and got very same "CORRECTION" mail this morning. WTF??? Can anyone from tell me a reason of it?
  9. khoobo

    Extra show in Berlin?

    I guess, it will. As acutal one is already sold out, and there are some indications about additional shows for London, Amsterdam and Paris on official tour site.
  10. khoobo

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    I've got mine for Berlin.
  11. khoobo

    Red Zone/VIP

    Looks the same for all venues with RZ. I got same for Berlin. And I'm quite dissapointed about that. Shall TM require additionally a pre-sale code for final confirmation of purchase?
  12. khoobo

    GA or Red Zone?

    you can find a price on official TM Germany site
  13. khoobo

    GA or Red Zone?

    no clue what happened, but I genuinely didn't enter any code. And my credit card is charged already and I got my confirmation via email and on my TM account as well.
  14. khoobo

    REd Zone for Paris?

    Look like ther is no RZ for London show, too. I'd go ahead with purchase of any other "VIP" tickets, not to wait too long. My Red Zone tics for Berlin show are already home.