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  1. Holding out for a Toronto show, personally. Montreal would have been way too pricey for me, as I'm on the east coast and have no friends/relatives in MTL. I'd be very surprised if they don't schedule a stop in TO at some point... With the way these tickets seem to be selling, though, who knows? It's crazy that there hasn't been a second MSG date added yet. I never would have thought that the Bell Centre would get a second show before MSG... I hope I don't end up regretting my decision! The only tour I've missed over the last seventeen years was JT30, because the timing wasn't right and also because it didn't feel right seeing U2 with no new material on board.
  2. Yeah, the bickering that went on over this whole thing does seem a bit petty now, in retrospect. However we may have felt about the idea of dividing fans and making them compete against one another for a once-in-a-lifetime shot of being immortalized on film with the band, recent events really re-emphasize just how incredibly lucky we are that they do this at all. Pulling a fan up on stage is risky even when we're NOT taking potential security issues into account. So many things could go wrong up there... The fan could freeze and spoil the momentum, could throw up all over the stage, could fall off the stage, could slip from Bono's fingers whilst being spun about, and so on. The fact that U2 have brought so many different people up to interact with them so consistently on this tour, despite the myriad possible risks involved, speaks not only to their generosity, but to their fearlessness, too. If additional legs are added to this tour (fingers crossed for that!), I hope they keep it up. It is such an honour and a privilege to share the stage with them.
  3. I doubt the shows will go ahead, and rightly so. What a horrific tragedy. My thoughts go out to the people of France. I know the band is okay, according to various U2 fan sites, but fingers crossed that all tour crew members and their families are safe and accounted for as well.
  4. Very well-said. I was also pulled up once on this tour (the night after you and Mark, in fact -- I played guitar on Angel of Harlem/AIWIY), but I decided not to enter the contest. A large part of my decision stemmed from having several university-related commitments early next week that I simply couldn't afford to jeopardize on the teensy tiny off-chance that I might get selected to go to Paris. Unease over the nature of the competition itself, however, also factored into my decision quite significantly. Don't get me wrong: I think it's a really cool gesture, and I'm delighted for the winners. I just think the whole thing could have been handled very differently. The whole point of the stage design on this tour is to break down barriers between the fans and the band, to bring us all together, to put an end to divisiveness... "There is no them, there's only us," and all that jazz. A competition that pits fans against one other sort of flies in the face of that message; it creates division where there was little division previously. One of the many things that has made this particular tour so exciting (especially from the perspective of someone who had been dreaming about playing guitar with the band for fifteen years) was the feeling that it could be any of us up there if we were able to put in the time in the GA line. Sure, a few folks have been pulled up on stage multiple times this tour, but at least it was still spontaneous when it happened, and at least there was no social media/popularity contest involved. I really hope that someone new gets pulled up on Saturday in addition to the repeat performers. It would be unlikely, given that the show is being recorded for TV, but I think it would be a nice gesture to local European fans who might only be able to attend that one show and no others. I know I'd personally feel pretty uncomfortable getting up there again on Saturday if I knew that no one else in the audience would even have a shot at fulfilling their dreams of playing/dancing/whatever with the band. It's different when you're all on an equal playing field.
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