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  1. Don't quote me but I think price started at around £70 and up, depends where you'd want to go.
  2. Go to the tours page on u2.com, click tickets for wherever you want, if Manchester it'll take you there website, should be able to choose VIP or general from there.
  3. Got my sub code via email, although Ticketmaster says theirs no presale till tomorrow (19th)
  4. Joshua84, i presume the presale code would just be a generic one? So could be used for any, i would think! And Andy they'll be doing it in batches, i don't think their servers would take the email load!
  5. I got an email this morning with my presale code from buying the album on u2.com, but yet no word of the presale code for being a U2 subscriber. As always, buying U2 tickets leads to many questions and confused fans!
  6. I couldn't help but have a listen.... Or 5, but guys it's worth the wait!!!
  7. I have a feeling the documentary may have allot of time of them in the studio while on tour, so maybe don't want to release it till the next album is out?
  8. The prints look good to me so i'll be paying up, i'd love the band to release some demos of there songs though, really wanna here how EBW changed in sound throughout the album process!
  9. I was also standing behind Larry's drum kit, brilliant show!
  10. There is a god! I can now look forward to the tour! Sent this email yesterday................. To whom it may concern, On the 5th December 2014 my mother (Mrs C Floyd) purchased two tickets for me and my girlfriend as a Christmas preset to go and see U2 live at the O2 in London on the 30th October 2015, she had bought two GA tickets but then found out at a later date that it’s part of a new ‘ticketless entry’ system, which means she would have to attend to let us both in to the event. We live 228 miles away from London because we live in Liverpool, there is no way on this earth that my mother will be able to travel that far just to let me and my girlfriend into the venue. Over the course of the last few months i have sent various emails and i’m just about at the end of my tether with my experience, your ’ticketless’ system just doesn’t work and has affected what i can see up to 20% of people who have bought tickets to see U2. Not only that but arrangements have been made to have time off work for me and my girlfriend and these dates can now not be changed because they are set in stone. I require confirmation that i will not be denied entry when i present the following proof that is listed below…. The order confirmation email (which was sent to my email address because my mother used my account but her on credit card). Order details print out (Which has the credit card information but is booked under my name). The AXES app on my iPhone which has my account information and order history which proofs that the tickets were bought on my account. My mothers credit card. My own credit card. My mothers passport. My driving license. And my birth certificate. If this is not enough proof well i want this taken further, i am not the only one who is having this problem with this ‘ticketless’ system and we all deserve better than being told that we will be denied entry, even though we all have so much proof that the tickets belong to us, i want this taken to the top. Kind regards Got this reply today..... Hello, Upon looking at the order, you are the account holder 'Henry Floyd'. So as long as you bring the card used when purchasing the ticket ( your mothers credit card) with your valid ID, that's absolutely fine. The only time you get deny is if you don't have the credit card with you as it will be the basis of entry. I hope this helps. Kind regards,
  11. Still can't find out info about getting into the O2 London with my mothers credit card, help! :(

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      call and/or email the ticketing service with your question... Also, try with the venue...

    2. Wakebird


      Yeah, I had an issue with my credit card becoming compromised and I had to get a new number. I had to contact the ticketing service (Here it's Ticketmaster) and they were able to handle it.

    3. flopro


      Finally got it sorted! Only taken me 5 months!

  12. So it's only a matter of days before the tour starts, i still have no idea what's going to happen when i every to London to see U2 with my mothers credit card but no mother! I think i may be fine but it's 50/50.
  13. Same here, haven't seen or heard anything about my book!
  14. I think the only way of fixing this problem is to inform the 'media', maybe this will grab the attention of Ticketmaster? This is a nightmare.
  15. This is really starting to smeg me off now, sure it's a great idea but has so many flaws to it! Looks like my mum will have to spend a day in London why me and my mate go see U2, it's just stupid and also quite saddening that there is this much trouble with so many people. :/
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