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  1. stix66101

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    Knowing how U2 treats their fans, it is hard believe they agreed to such a contract. It is hard to believe that Larry, "The Edge", Adam and Bono would have ever agreed, that the sale of their concert tickets should only go to a "SELECT", according to TM, few by singling out certain paid subscribers or whatever determines "Selected". This doesn't even begin to explain the general verified fan sale, how do you "Select" from the general public where there is no distinction but according to TM it's not random? Then add insult to injury, you know TM has overpriced tickets through re-sale, i.e. "scalping", which is the very thing Guy so brilliantly thought he was preventing. It's basically TM giving a giant middle finger!
  2. stix66101

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    I think this is the first time U2 needs to put it's philosophy, ideals, values and very character of the band where their mouth is and prove it directly to fans!!! THE MOMENT OF TRUTH IS FINALLY UPON US! After decades of music, loyal, active fans, selling out arena's, stadium, etc. around the world, induction into R&R Hall Of Fame, admiration, inspiration, accolades and awards recognizing the band for their fight for human rights, peace and freedom for all, the biggest question to date remains to be answered, have they finally lost touch? Have they sold out, have they relinquished just enough control to the wrong people they have finally lost it and now, as a result, are slave to whatever happens, complelety handcuffed by legally binding contracts? WHERE DO THE FANS EXIST IN ALL OF THIS?
  3. stix66101

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    Well said leeloom & twogunpete, I agree 100%, THIS DIDN'T KEEP TICKETS OUT OF THE HANDS OF SCALPERS ALL IT DID WAS JUST SCREW U2 FANS, PERIOD!!!!!! I also agree, the band should step up and make a statement, non-disparagement or not, there are always loop holes and plenty U2 can say to it's fans without "damaging the reputation or negatively impact the organization and or possible affiliates". Aside from the simple fact that a good majority of their fans got totally screwed, which is how many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, do we let that stop us from speaking up, speaking out and being heard in the hopes of evoking change, NO. Hmmm, isn't that the very philosophy to which U2 started ONE, created and expanded the various web sites, educating the masses of the many atrocities, human rights violations, along with the stories of courage, strength and hope of the people who stand up and live in the face of tragedy, torture and terror around the world? "Isn't it ironic, don't you think?"- Alanis Morissette My biggest concern is that with only one show in so many cities, my guess, the likelihood of them adding more shows, as they often do, especially in the major cities, are very high, so what are they going to do than? Have us go through the same thing, only to screw us one, two, three times over yet again, further angering, disappointing and possibly lose more fans then they could have ever imagined, especially the new, or younger fans that have grown up in this generation, for the connection to the music and development of loyalty to band aren't always mutually exclusive.
  4. stix66101

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    HAHA typo, WE'RE HEARD,
  5. stix66101

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    That message from Guy was an absolute INSULT!!! A few dozen fans, what about the rest of U2 subscribers, it sounded like he either hand picked people or a few people were hand picking people and that's it, which is playing favorites and "F" the rest of us!!! I can't believe he even said "For the majority of subscribers it worked cleanly", what band was looking into, it sure wasn't U2 because nothing could be further from the truth!! Angela P.S. I don't do social media so if anyone knows how I can send my messages or maybe send it to him for me that would ROCK!! The more we speak, the louder were heard!!! Thanks
  6. stix66101

    Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    How do I message him, don't have tweeter, instagram, facebook, DON'T DO SOCIAL MEDIA?
  7. I agree!! I found out it was a "Selection" process that apparently isn't random, at least according to a U2 support team member, who was very short & tried to rush me off the phone without giving clear answers to my questions. Since when does U2 "select" one paid subscriber fan over another, oh wait, THEY DON'T, not until now anyway. According to U2, fans and band members alike, we are one, one collective voice heard loudly around the world! The only time U2 ever makes a distinction, a "selection" is the difference between paid subscribers and  non-subscribers and as paid subscribers we are all afforded the same thing equally, granting long time subscribers first opportunity which is more than fair.   

  8. stix66101

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

  9. stix66101

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    YA, what the heck, I am extremely upset, no text, no e-mail and I just got off the phone with ticketmaster and the U2 help number and they were NO HELP!! All they said was, it was a selection process, I said oh so it's random, they told me no but not one person, not even supervisors can or will explain. This is bull. U2 TREATS IT'S FANS BETTER THAN THIS, which is a little disheartening considering how much influence they have over how we're treated, what is available to us, etc.. I HOPE SOMEONE IS TELLING THEM ABOUT THIS HOT MESS OF A FIASCO TO SUBSCRIBERS & I HOPE THEY DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!! If someone has an access code and willing to tell what it is, let me know, thanks!! This is horrible, were told we get a pre-sale code and than we don't, Angela