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  1. Would I be correct in saying that they only released a percentage of specific zoned tickets .i.e red zone, or was it a first come first serve with pre-sale getting first choice?
  2. Kevincfcu2

    NYC Prices...

    when I was checking earlier it was showing up in section 103
  3. Anyonee know what this actually are? See they go on sale later today?
  4. Would of liked to do the red zone again this tour, but prices are way too much. Think for dublin on the last tour got red zone for 130euro
  5. The account was only set up yesterday. Was fine before I went to bed, now it's telling me to upgrade?
  6. My account was showing up that I was a full subscriber yesterday, but now it is showing that I am a regular free member. It is telling me to upgrade? Anyone know why this is happening? P.s. all my subscriber downloads are gone aswell.
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