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  1. Easter 2009, when I was 10 years old, I wrote a letter to Bruce Springsteen´s management. The letter including a foto of me and Bruce when I met him the summer before. In the letter I asked him to play hungry heart at the consert I was going to in Bergen summer of 2009 which would be my 3rd show with him. I also asked to dance with him during the song Dancing in the Dark. He never wrote back but I still had "High Hopes". Just to be sure I made a poster with my wish of dancing with him on. I travelled to Bergen and started queing the night before the show. I was about the first hundred in the que. After a long day of queing finally the show started. I was in the front row and Bruce noticed me in the second song. He nodded and smiled to me. It was a faboulus night and a great great show! When Bruce´s personal life guard placed himselves in front of me when the song Dancing in the Dark started, I knew something special would happen. At the end of Dancing in the Dark Bruce came to pick me up to dance with him!! It was an amazing experience for a ten year old girl.
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