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  1. I was just thinking while watching A YouTube video of U2 what songs they might be doing setlist wise what are some songs you would like to hear them play or like how many from this new album will they do I Really hope they do Iris from the new album and trouble. Also they HAVE to do Streets anyways just hope you guys tell me what you think!
  2. how many are going to the LA show on May 30th?

  3. Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney had no opening acts when I saw them U2 should follow that route and play for 3 1/2 hours like sir Paul!
  4. How about they did 20 shows All of them in major cities and in big stadiums as a Payed subscriber you get 1 ticket and its all first come first serve as to where you sit lets say they did them all in 100,000 capacity that's only 2 million people but I don't think there would be any way to please us all
  5. For Anyone going to any of the shows in Inglewood California or any locals going know any good hotels near the arena is there a main one where most U2 fans will be staying at?
  6. Also from these seating charts of you notice that on the opposite side of the (RED) Zones the arenas that have the retractable seats to accommodate for end stage concerts have them pulled back so I'm thinking the San Jose Seating Chart is gonna be accurate idk but the Forum shows its just a bowl
  7. looking at flights gotta get booked for my trip to LA ieTour

  8. So I got my tickets for the 30th at the forum going there from Utah! I got actual seats only my 2nd ever U2 show but I would like to try and go to the Sunday one also maybe get the general admission. Would like to meet and make some friends that like U2 seeing how none of my friends seem to know about them. Also I would like to have a chance at maybe getting something signed do you guys know at all if they will let us wait by where they go in for sound check they did here in Utah but I missed them by literally seconds
  9. got my tickets for the ietour!!

  10. geez i relly cant wait any longer please release the new album!

    1. mich40


      Are you going to wait forever?

    2. pain_18_


      Can you do anything but wait..in this New album context ?????

    3. Malahide


      Only patience can save us.

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  11. I like the New Song Invisible I do

  12. my very first U2 show i saw them in Salt Lake city i waited along time for this!
  13. From the album: My First U2 experience!

    It was the best show ive been too and probably ever will go to! seeing U2 live was my dream and it happened!
  14. carvajfcutah


    From the album: My First U2 experience!

    Realizing how HUGE the claw was in real life!
  15. when is the new album gonna be out!

    1. carvajfcutah


      ha i just wanna go see them again!

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