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    Jshua tree, bonus disc
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    Walk to the Water ( I know it wasn't a single)
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    Slane castle 2001
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    san Jose may 19th 2015
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    Slane castle 2001
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    REM ,Pearl jam
  1. lovecomestumbling

    Looking for 2x GA for any Barca show

    2 X GA tickets needed to any night ,, please contact me
  2. Top post Joe ...really awesome ..I have GA tickets for San Jose 2 and am travelling from Dublin , My first GA. I'm hoping to get tickets for SJ 1 also on the night as you said the only way is GA. any idea how may can fit in the GA for the SJ shows ?
  3. lovecomestumbling

    Tickets on night

    Thanks Yahweh the name btw
  4. lovecomestumbling

    Seat availability as of Sat morn

    Ptheone dead right good for you
  5. lovecomestumbling

    Tickets on night

    Guys I have 2 GA for Tues show but as I'm flying all the way from Dublin Ireland wanted to go to Mon show also, will it be possible to buy tickets on the night do you think ?