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  1. A worthless email for me - I still have yet to receive my pre-sale code. Who cares if there are more shows added. What a joke.
  2. Still no code and its Tuesday 11/21. I have missed the presale, I have missed the general on-sale, sent 2 messages to u2.com help, 1 message to Ticketmaster support. Nothing.. The only communication I have received is the automated message: Thanks for your email! A Fan Club Support rep should get back to you within 12 hours. Please don’t reply to this email as it won’t get forwarded to a representative. Be assured that we will answer your original email ASAP! Thanks for being a fan! I am a pretty patient person and realize these ticket sales always disappoint in some way but this is absolutely ridiculous. I will be disputing my u2.com membership fee with my credit card company and encourage everyone else screwed in this mess to do the same. U2 can get their money from Visa, not me. Oh and StubHub is full of bootleg tickets. Great job!
  3. From various articles I've read, even people with official press passes are escorted in, get a few songs to take their pictures, and are escorted out. Good luck.
  4. Add a second show to as many dates as possible - tix only for u2.com members
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