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  1. boopsie

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I went to work. Thankfully, I only had to go once.
  2. Can we make it over the last year? Not sure there have been 500 active members in the past few months.
  3. The new goal is Fenders sold.
  4. boopsie

    Where's Bono? (Merged)

    How ya been MyLifeLine? It's been a long time since hearing from you as well.
  5. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    I've had portable music for as long as I can remember. I call it humming.
  6. boopsie

    New Album? Wot New Album? (Merged)

    Better to have amnesia than relevance?
  7. boopsie

    New Album? Wot New Album? (Merged)

    I wonder if Adam has forgotten that he said that same thing last summer, or is he simply hoping that we have forgotten he said it?
  8. boopsie

    Adam's Battle With Depression

    Cheers for Adam!! Too many times we see too late that depression can be fatal if not successfully treated. Depression is no more a weakness of mind or spirit than diabetes or cancer. It is a deadly, but treatable disease. If Adam's efforts help people to realize that, and get help for themselves or someone they love who is afflicted with depression, then he has done a great service. Hats off to him for trying!
  9. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    So bank does not refer to the place where you store and borrow money? Never mind.I got it now. I was wondering why the banks would dictate when everyone else got a holiday, so I Googled it. It says it goes back to when trade couldn't be done if the banks were closed.
  10. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    And why are they called bank holidays if most people get the day off?
  11. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    Wow Malahide, THANKS!!! I just went to YouTube and found a fistful of early songs I never heard before. Demos, but new to me, just the same.
  12. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    A wee bit of applause for drunk Boopsie??? Anyone?
  13. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    So sorry for your loss, Tan.
  14. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    No worries, Jen. Zhivvy gave me dispensation from counting cos I'm a cat.
  15. boopsie

    Have To Count!

    Those plans look amazing. Should be a wonderful facility.