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    My birthdate is wrong on my profile, im actually an old duffer, 59 born on 3/12/55
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    Glasgow August 2009
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  1. Found a great pub close to the arena for tonight
  2. philipbrown

    Manchester 2 Meet Up

    would be great to meet up with fans from here, i'll log on to here on Friday, we are down for both nights
  3. philipbrown

    Manchester 2 Meet Up

    The wife and I are travelling from Newcastle for Friday and Saturday, having already done Paris. We would love to find somewhere near the arena
  4. Hi all from England Ive just returned from Paris after seeing 2 U2 shows at the Bercy. I noticed a lot of special t shirts with U2 in Paris 2018. Does anyone know where i could buy one as they are not shown on the shop. Regards Philip
  5. looking forward to my return to Paris for E&I with my wife Lesley in the cover photo

  6. Tickets for both Paris gigs arrived today for me and the wife. And i almost missed the postman, its going to be fantastic to travel from England again especially after last years Joshua Tree shows at the 'Stade de France'.Ticketmaster France are the best. Happy days
  7. philipbrown

    Tomorrow Night

    Heading from Newcastle to Twickenham for our 4th U2 gig, 5th and 6th in Paris still to come. Wishing all U2 fans a great night tomorrow. "Haven't seen you in quite a while, i was down the hold, just passing time, last time we met it was a low lit room"
  8. philipbrown

    Single Ticket wanted for Sat 8th,

    I got a ticket for my friend thanks for looking
  9. I'll be in London and Paris in July with my wife, cant wait
  10. philipbrown

    English in Paris for U2

    Any locals recommend a good place for older U2 fans to have a drink before concert to meet other U2 fans, Philip & Lesley
  11. Have you sold your ticket yet
  12. Wiil be very grateful for anyone who has a spare
  13. philipbrown

    1 ticket standing for london 1

    is the ticket sold
  14. philipbrown

    2 ticket for 8.7. London

    have you sold them