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  1. The most beautiful show I'd ever seen has been surely The U2 360° live from Turin,6 August 2010. It hasn't been my first U2 concert(and also not the last),but for me has been the most special of ever for different reasons: it was on my city,it was the first date of the world tour 2010,after Bono's injury and U2 played two new songs for the first time:north star and glastonbury...simply amazing!!! And also because has been the concert where i was closer to them,on the pit down the stage..and it looked like to be on the stage with they,and to be one only thing with all the people inside the stadium(and also the people outside the stadium without the ticket...and were very much people outside to listen U2!!!) The most exciting moment of the concert,for me has been when Bono singed Miss Sarajevo in italian:a great present for all italian fan. I remember also the days before the concert,when U2 stayed for one week in the city for the practice of the show...and the last night before the concert they gave pizzas to all the fan outside to listen at them...only people with a great heart can make a thing like that,and this remember will stay always in my heart!! The day of the concert,I meet the great Rock'o,the stage manager of U2,i post also a picture of the event,in the picture there is my brother,my best friend,Rock'o,and for last me! then i post also a picture of the ticket of the concert,the t-shirt,one of the show,and the original poster of the concert,that I have been really really lucky to find,asking to the district of Turin,and that,now,i take gelously in my room!!!
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