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  1.  Hi Sabine, I actually wrote to the LN support via the contact formular because I am a bit upset about the fact they still didn't ship the subscriber's gifts yet. I won't get it because I leave for the JTT in the 2nd week of November, and I know from the past that it takes minimum 3 weeks after they've sent the e-mail. Even if they send it out next week, it's too late for me to pick it up from the customs if the item gets stuck there. Their answer is annoying: "Thank you for contacting Fan Club Support. Unfortunately, we do not ship from the UK. Gifts are shipped to all parts of the world with no issue, you should not have any issues receiving the gift once it has been shipped. You will receive an e-mail letting you know when the gift is on its way. We hope this information has been helpful. If you need anything else, just reply to this email." After I got this mail, I wrote a very detailled description of the way it is going when the item is being hold back from the customs. Almost with the same words of your reply of Jan 13 in the other thread. And you won't believe what their reply was: "Thank you for connecting with us. I believe this email was sent to us in error. " As you can imagine, this is upsetting
  2. Has anyone issues in general getting the subscribers gift? We have issues in Germany because it's being kept by the customs (because it's declared as a "gift", and gifts are only allowed between private individuals, and not from a company). I wonder whethere the same problems are in other countries than in Germany?
  3. Ok thanks... I hope this will work out Ah...want to ask here again: do you think this is going to be the very final show of the tour? I know they've announced it as final show (while they didn't do so neither for Seoul no Manila). But they did that 2 yrs ago in Sao Paolo. The third show in Sao Paolo as announced as final show, but after 4 weeks a 4th show has been added as final show. I am not sure whether I wait until Oct 1 before I book my final return flight
  4. There's nothing in the spam folder, and I don't know if it would help to claim the tickets in December, as I guess they will expire if I don't collect them until November 15. If the concert is sold out in December then I guess my tickets will be gone?
  5. Hi there, Strange I didn't get an update mail with the new pickup period. I've called the customer support and talked to the agent like 15 min, but he was no help at all. He even wasn't aware about a new pickup time. So what can I do now? I don't want the tickets to expire on Nov 15
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