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  1. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    It is just the guitar part at the end. If I was a musician I could give you some chords I guess. The sound of the guitar in the end, to me, sounds like the melody from is that all (is that aaaa-aaaa-aaaaalll". Yes...I am pretty much musical dufus. Having said that I have great taste in music
  2. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Apologies if this has already been discussed and is immediately obvious to everyone else, but the guitar at the end of TLTTGYA seems to incorporate "Is that All" (from October). Anyone else noticed this?
  3. A Day Without Mi

    thanks. I love a good (or bad) pun!
  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Songs of experience meets Disney Pixar.......
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Its interesting to go back and look at reviews from U2's earlier stuff. Two stand out as super interesting - JT and UF. For UF - rolling stone said Eno was an unecessary extra. There was also a comment about the album just going on and on and leaving many fans asking what happened. For JT - rolling stone said that it was not quite a return to the fire of war..but a step in the right direction. Also said there were no sure fire hits on the albu.m. No real point to this post. Just interesting to browse back.
  6. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    My kids too. 10 and 6 year old both sing "when the lights go out, its time to go to bed, silent reading's over now". Classic.
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    The way I see it, this band is in an unprecedented position. There is no benchmark. How many bands have been around for this long, generating new material that really does span generations? This is possibly why they are so polarizing. I also find that depending on the stage of my life, the albums have different meaning to me - and that is cool. There is nothing wrong with being your own influence (as opposed to recycling ideas) in order to break new ground. I believe we all do that. The whole concept of an album is different nowadays, as is our way of experiencing them (I used to have to fight my mother and sisters for the turntable in the eighties). A lot of bands sell collections of songs and some sell albums - I prefer the albums and this band consistently puts them out. SoE is a good-un for me.
  8. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    A sign of a good album. Every track evokes something.
  9. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I am in the same boat. I also ordered on pre-order and it only left the US on 29th. So, my initial listening was via spotify, followed by a download from iTunes (Amazon wouldn't let me because I don't live in the US). I actually drew this before the release to suggest another "world first release".
  10. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Really how to describe? U2 meets Randy Newman meets Tory Amos meets The Cure meets the Beatles meets....I dunno..just a great listen! I
  11. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    no. I am in Singapore and according to the shipping it only shipped on 29th - so add 10 days. I ended up buying from iTunes just now, which I am OK with because the new albums generally take a week to hit here anyway.
  12. can't wait to check the mailbox tomorrow.
  13. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Yep.. All this negativity around the pre-sales is astounding to me. How did we become such a self-important society that people we feel we are owed something for choosing to spend our money on music, merchandise and fan clubs. No matter where you look, someone is a bigger, more loyal fan than yourself. Perhaps that person has never had the opportunity or cash to attend a single concert. Is that person less deserving? Statements such as “I have been a fan for 30 years and therefore I am owed a code” when you have ultimately chosen to spend your dollars on (let’s face it) yourself….is incomprehensible to me. I don’t think any of us buy any piece of merchandise or attend a show thinking “There you go boys…enjoy the cash!” as opposed to feeling satisfaction for ourselves.