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  1. U2 ChemScrapes

    Where chemistry, cartoons and U2 sometimes meet.
  2. Hello hello......vertigo garden at Santalaia Building in Bogota. picture credit : Check it out...the world's largest vertical garden in Bogota.
  3. bono test

    Thanks. Not so happy with this one now i look at it. You could use that forehead as a runway for an A380. Will be doing some erasure later.
  4. Running to Stand Still

    © Brendan Burkett

  5. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    I hated Pop when it was released. I thought it was junk. I hated the glitterball lemon and I hated the plastic-ness of it all. In fact, it was not until I saw a few songs live when I was lucky enough to catch the Elevation tour while living in the UK I went "woah". Now it ranks right up there as a favourite album 20 years after its release. Music is so personal and I would suggest that for a band of any longevity consistently create that wow factor with its entire audience for any length of time is well near impossible (let alone over a career of 40 years). I don't understand the pressure for bands (not just U2) to outdo their old albums - music is meant to be fun, but it is also about time and space. With technology and personalised electronic gadgets, we are exposed to more new music in different ways than ever before, so outdoing what happened years ago even from this perspective is impossible because music is even listened to differently now. I remember the anticipation of the new releases, queuing up to get records only to find they had been sold out, calling friends (on a cord phone! when I got home!!) to tell them I managed to get two copies. Part of the success and epicness of the album was tied up in the experience of getting to the music as well as the music itself. Just some thoughts.
  6. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    Possibly the same could be said about the singles released from the Joshua Tree. With or Without You was the first single and it was unlike anything else on the radio at the time. A slow whispery song in a time when Stock-Aitken and Waterman were dominating the UK charts whilst across the Atlantic, Whitney, Kim Wilde, Bon Jovi and Tiffany were right up there. They followed this up with Still Haven't Found....just wow. For sure, the current single is appealing to the masses - but on the heels of the Joshua Tree tour I guess it is sensible to offer something fresher as an opening single to drive a wedge between the ongoing tour and the album to come. It could also be that the double dip with Best Thing and Blackout is to reassure the longer term listeners there is more substance in the collection too. These two most recent songs are very different and that keeps me interested because I think that U2 still does albums in two sides as opposed to just a collection of singles. I am eager to see where this fits into the feel of the album and what other textures could be around it.